Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eat 。Cook 。~ Which am I good @?

I love to eat and comment but not really into cooking or baking. My mum can cook very well and friends have been telling me to learn from her. I did make an effort to learn but whenever I approach my mum to teach me, she does not have much confidence in me and will give a remark,"你会煮吗? 鸡手鸭脚!" T_T Anyway, I would rather leave the tough job to my mum (my empress ~ haha!) so that I can enjoy many nice home cooked meals^.~

Well, I can cook very simple dishes ~ besides instant noodles, I can do more than that ~ OK :) Below is my 1st attempt in making the Pumpkin Agar Agar. It is yummy : )