Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chinese New Year Goodies ^___^

One more day to go and that will be our Chinese New Year (CNY)
~ Wo0OHO0o

Here's showing some of my CNY yummylicious goodies which I bought and received from my friends and colleagues.

Kueh Lapis ~ A difficult recipe to bake as there are multiple layers.
Very time-consuming as each layer has to be baked separately.
This is the original version. There are others with prunes or apricots.
Doesn't it look similar to Baumkuchen? Kueh Lapis has a much stronger taste
as there are spices and a little rum/brandy to add flavor to the cake.

This Kueh Lapis cake is dense and spongy.
Sedap! Yummy!

I bought this Bee Hive Cookies from Home's Favourite.
The ingredients for the cookies are eggs, flour, sugar and coconut.
Very crispy and not very sweet.

These are Love Letter Cookies ~ the original version is the rolled type
but the one here is folded and which is much simpler to do it.

Shrimp Rolls ~ mini spring rolls wrapped with chili shrimp.
Alternatively, it can wrap with pork floss which is not spicy.

This is one of my favourite CNY goodies ~ Kueh Bangkit
which you should expect to taste the coconut fragrance and
the cookies should melt in your mouth. The ingredients are tapioca flour,
eggs, margarine, sugar, pinch of salt, coconut milk, pandan leaves.
The challenging part of baking these cookies is frying the tapioca flour
with pandan leaves. One must handle the heat well and fry till its fragrant.

Almond Cookies ~ The almonds are not finely grounded.
Therefore, the cookies are light and crunchy with the almond bits.

These are the Close-Face Pineapple Tarts ~
the pastry is buttery and soft that melts in your mouth; and
the pineapple jam filling is delicious ~ sweet + sour.

These are the Open-Face Pineapple Tarts ~
same pastry texture as the close-face pineapple tarts
but this pineapple jam filling is little moist.

These 2 sets of cookies which I ordered online from Yokebakery.
On the right hand side of the photo, that is the Pistachio Snowballs Cookies.

Yipee ~ I have almost recovered from my flu and
I hope to taste 1 or 2 pieces of my CNY goodies before they are all eaten up T__T

Guess I will be offline for a few days so wishing all of you
A Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!