Sunday, July 4, 2010

Birthday Dinner with my "师傅" ^.~

My colleague and I decided to celebrate my 师傅's birthday in advance and suggested to have dinner at とん吉Tonkichi. There are 5 outlets but I still like to patronize the one at Ngee Ann City for its friendly service and also somehow their gohan (rice) texture seems shinier, stickier and tastier. There are many choices in their menu :) Most of the sets serve with Miso soup but I usually opt to change for their signature soup ~ Tonjiru (with extra charge of S$4/-). Since it was my 师傅 first time to Tonkichi, I had ordered the Tonkichi set (served together with appetizers, gohan and soups) and a side dish ~ agedashi tofu for the 3 of us.

While waiting for our dishes to be served, a bowl of sesame was given to each of us. We would grind the sesame till it was fine. Then, mixed them with the plum sauce for dipping our oishii pork cutlets ^.^

Pork cutlets, prawns, oysters and lots of cabbage which
you can request to refill.

See my big bowl of Tonjiru soup ~ Slurp!
I found the recipe online and would like to make it one day ^-^

The pork cutlets tasted so good with Mustard Sauce too
(I called it the "Western Wasabi") ^0^

Agedashi Tofu ~ Smooth texture and I love the bonito flakes ^.^

***** Great satisfaction whenever I get to dine at Tonkichi ^.~