Saturday, February 18, 2012

YAYOIKEN Japanese Restaurant

One of my favorite supermarket place in town is Meiyi-da @ Liang Court Shopping Centre where you can easily get imported Japanese groceries and at times, they hold Japan Food Fairs too.   I also like to patronize the Japanese restaurants and deli there ~ such as Tampopo where they serve delicious tonkatsu and kurobuta ramen.  Oh their desserts such as Mont Blanc, Scoop Cake, Cream Puff are so yummy.  Well, I just have a piece of their scoop cake for afternoon tea today.
Cake eating smiley

The other day, I was at Liang Court and suggested to my friends to try out the Japanese food at Yayoiken before heading to our Karaoke singing.  Here were our food orders 1sm210eat

I have always like Calpis soda and candies ever since I tasted them in Japan. 
That day, I ordered the Calpis uncarbonated soft drink ~
a light, sweet and tangy yogurt flavor drink.

Ebi Gyoza ~ the ones which we usually ordered are with pork fillings.

You can eat the pickles as much as you want.  It is placed in a container at our dining table.
We had ordered the tuna & corn salad.  I simply love the Japanese salad dressing. So tasty.

Mix Toji ~ Beef, Pork Culet & Fried Prawn topped with eggs.

Mixed Grill Set ~ lotsa meat....these were my friends' order.

Mixed Grilled Set

This was my order ~ Saba Miso Set
Overall, the restaurant service is good and their food prices are affordable.