Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carrot Cake

I was searching online for baking classes and stumbled upon a blog named BakinCow. It is a home-based baking business and they sell Tofu Cheesecakes and Carrot Cakes. It also conduct baking workshops under their BakinCalf programme brand. You can choose to learn cake decorations, baking cookies, cupcakes, tarts, puff and macaroons. They also conduct parent and child baking workshops too. Well, I have registered for my baking workshop with BakinCalf in August and I am looking forward to it Animated Gifs

Below are 2 photos of the American Carrot Cake with Cheese Frosting which I order from BakinCow. Gosh! It is heavenly good Cute Emoticons Personally, I do not really like the flavor of nutmeg and cinnamon but NOT for this carrot cake. I will definitely ask for my 2nd serving hehe ^0^ The 9-inch carrot cake is quite heavy as it is filled lot of carrots, walnuts and golden raisins. They are really generous with the ingredients ~ just as what they stated in their blog. I must comment that the cream cheese is so yummy and the carrot cake texture is moist ~ unlike some carrot cakes I tried that were dry. This delicious carrot cake is highly recommended to all Animated Emoticons

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was window-shopping at Orchard Road and spotted a small cake shop at a corner of The Centrepoint. The shop is named "Designer Bakes". Their lovely cupcakes and beautiful customised cakes on the display just attracted me so I took out my iPhone and captured a few shots.

Aren't the cupcakes cute and it's a pity to eat them.

This is absolutely gorgeous! So colorful!

Hmm ~ The Phantom of the Opera ? Looks elegant.

The little Angels are so Kawaii!

Oh no! Neko-chan is here again to grab a bite of BB's cake ~ LOL ^0^

KISEKI Japanese Buffet @ The Heeren

Have you watched "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"? I'm glad to receive a Bank's invitation to the movie on Saturday. It was an awesome movie filled with magic and some laughter too :) Here's the trailer:

Movie is not the topic of my post today hehe ^0^ It was my dinner last night. I read about the newly opened Kiseki Japanese Buffet @ The Heeren and decided to ask my colleagues along to try it out.

The restaurant is located at the basement of the mall. We arrived early but it was not until 6pm then it opened for dinner buffet. The restaurant has been attracting crowds as I saw long queues waiting to join in the buffet. So you got to be there on time to queue or make reservation in advance.

It serves a wide spread of all your favorite Japanese food from cold seafood, sashimi, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, yakitori, shabu shabu, grilled meats and seafood, soup & salad, soba/udon, desserts (tofu cheesecake, mini assorted cakes, waffles, hot purple sweet potato soup, melon jelly, ice-cream) and cold/hot beverages. I'm so hungry as I didn't have a proper lunch and I'm gonna gobble all these scrumptious food and sinful desserts ~ SLURP ^0^

See our table full of good food ~ oishii desu ne ^.~ We just left our barang barang on the seats and chiong to attack the food haha ~ hunger defeats all! More foodie plates coming up :P

Pan fried potato strips with sour cream / The thin crust pizza is good / fried stuff such as calamari, crab claws, potato strips wrapped with ebi

The centre plate which is their special sauce ~ slightly spicy but it's a flavorful dipping sauce for our yakitori and other food :P

Oh I just can't live without having eggs in my meals. I always love chawamushi!

Here's our hot pot ~ full of veg, tofu and assorted mushrooms :)

Here's come my love of the day ~ Sushi and Temaki. The hot plate of egg, veg and karage!

Their sushi, temaki and maki are good for my satisfaction of the day ~ but of course I can't compare to those from Japanese sushi bars which are so fresh, delicious and expensive too :)

These are mine ~ Woohooo!

I like these small grilled fishes ~ shisamo (a.k.a. pregnant fish) It has lot of eggs and the bones are soft which you can eat the whole fish.

Fresh seafood which I didn't have much except salmon sashimi. I still miss those seafood at Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro.

Hope you enjoy this post and have a great weekend ^.~

Sunday, July 18, 2010


First of all, HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to KATE and ROBIN smileys I wish you both a happy life full of love, joy and happiness! 纪念日快乐! 祝你在这特别的日子里快乐幸福。恭喜!

The couple was supposed to meet me for dinner last week but Robin wanted to watch the World Cup matches :( so we postponed it to this week :) Finally the World Cup is over and he can lead a healthier lifestyle now ~ Hey! Bro, you better Zzz early smileys and stop multi-tasking. Regain your health and strength soon so that you bring Sista, "Actualyn" and I for a good meal smileys

Kate suggested for Thai Food @Joe's Kitchen. The restaurant is located at the housing estate at Block 125, Bukit Merah Lane 1. Its interior is orange color (wonder if it is to match the Thai's signature dish - tom yum soup color haha!) and their menusmileys serves the typical Thai home dishes. Here are the dishes ordered by Kate for the 4 of us ^.~

Mango Salad ~ a spicy appetizer. See those chilli padi WooOoo hot hot smileys

Crispy Seafood Tofu ~ Outer is golden brown and crispy. The mixed seafood and tofu paste is well marinated so it's tasty and not very oily. smileys

Stuffed Chicken Wings ~ This is one dish that I will always order when I go for Thai food. It's crunchy inside as they added water chestnut, chicken meat, corn, carrot and mushroom. Not the best that I've tried.

An intruder came into my photo!! Shoo Shoo go awaysmileys

I prefer black olive rice to pineapple rice. Black olives have a salty flavor and also low in fat and cholesterol. smileys

Green Curry Chicken - a little disappointing as the gravy is not thick enough but the chicken pieces are tender and moist.

Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic ~ Delicious! the leaves are not overcooked ^.~

Fried Prawns ~ The prawns are very fresh and meats are not tough.

Deep Fried Fish Fillets with Special Thai Chilli Sauce ~ After eating one piece, I'm tempted to have more : )

This is their Special Thai Chilli Sauce ~ Not very spicy

Fiery dish is here ~ Tom Yum Seafood Soup! Served with a generous amount of seafood. It is spicy so one bowl for me is enough. smileys

Joe's Kitchen signature dish ~ Thumbs up and must order smileys~ The vermicelli is simmered with the flavor of crab and fatty pork (Bro kept digging the claypot for his favorite fatty pork bits~ we found 3 little pieces for him ~ great satisfaction huh, bro)

Don't you think we have ordered too many dishes just for 4 smileys

Dessert to wrap up our meal ~ Mango Sticky Rice

This is my liking~ Tapioca with Coconut Milk smileys

Many thankssmileys to Kate and Robin for the dinner treat. Such a great pleasure to celebrate together on your wedding anniversary day! smileys