Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was window-shopping at Orchard Road and spotted a small cake shop at a corner of The Centrepoint. The shop is named "Designer Bakes". Their lovely cupcakes and beautiful customised cakes on the display just attracted me so I took out my iPhone and captured a few shots.

Aren't the cupcakes cute and it's a pity to eat them.

This is absolutely gorgeous! So colorful!

Hmm ~ The Phantom of the Opera ? Looks elegant.

The little Angels are so Kawaii!

Oh no! Neko-chan is here again to grab a bite of BB's cake ~ LOL ^0^


  1. Those cakes are super cute! But I always feel bad eating them because they're so pretty (and the fondant they use for the deco is usually just tooooo sweet and not nice to eat).

  2. So amazingly detailed and very cute, thanks for snapping these shots!

  3. Totally agreed with you, Carol ^.~

    It's my pleasure to share the great stuff with you, Bentobird ^-^