Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant 李貴(亞蟹)席館

For those who likes Teochew cuisine, there is a restaurant along Mosque Street named Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant. I was there for lunch one afternoon and gladly enjoyed the food and their service.

 Prawn (Hei Chor) and liver rolls. Crispy and tasty. Apparently their liver rolls are one of most popular dish. Whoever visits must try.  However, it's up to individual taste as some may prefer the usual Ngoh Hiang.

Deep Fried Prawns with Mayo. I think there's Mango puree was added to the Mayonnaise sauce.

 My all time favorite ~ Fish Maw Soup.  This was a last minute order as we were hesitating if we could finish eating all the food.  But we just went ahead ^.~  This was one of the best that I had tried so far ~ generous ingredients as you could see in the photo and it's very tasty. If the fish maws were not fresh, there would be a fishy smell.

 Braised veg with pork and mushrooms ~ great dish to go along with rice but we ordered porridge instead.  The veg and pork were simmer till very soft.

Steamed Promfret in Teochew Style. Personally I like to eat fish that's cooked in any style so this is another healthy and yummy dish.  Thou' it may cost a bit for this dish but I would not mind to pay if it came out fresh and well cooked.

There are also other of their signature Teochew dishes like Oyster Omelette, Cold Crabs, Braised Duck and Yam Paste (Or Nee) which I will like to try next time.