Sunday, October 2, 2011

De-Stress Day!

Can singing really de-stress? Apparently, it seems to work for my gal frenz. Anyway, we went to NEX party world KTV for a happy 3-hours of singing. It was a fun singing session ~ I tend to enjoy more of my bubble milk tea drink and snacks hehe!

Here's a pair of hands for giving applause and cheering the "singer"

While waiting for us to come out from washroom, my friend Lyn was attracted to the plush toy~ Angrybird at the game arcade. It was in the toy machine which required a claw to pick it up. She was so determined to get the Angrybird and paid to play the game. It was just less than 3 try and she picked up the toy easily. The passers-by got a shock as we shouted out happily when Lyn got the toy. I also paid to play a few rounds to pick up other toys but unfortunately, the claw did not manage to grab the toys as they were too soft to hold. Nevertheless, it was fun.

Thereafter, we went to Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant at Punggol Promenade Riverwalk to have our dinner. It was rather a new place for us to explore as it was far away from central. I personally like the restaurant facing the green and river view; enjoying the breeze while having a good dinner meal.

See Angrybird was waiting patiently for its meal. didn't look very fierce and angry right haha!

The restaurant service is fast and here's our 1st dish ~ Spinach with Eggs, Century & Salted Eggs 三黄苋菜 ~ delicious!

Crispy Seafood Tofu ~ soft and silk tofu which really yummy

Fried Mee Sua ~ overall the taste and noodle texture were good but just a little salty.

Guiness Pork Ribs 黑啤酒排骨 ~ unique dish that using guiness stout beer to make its sauce.

Shimmering Crab Delights 金沙有、蟹 ~ huge crabs and the sauce was very cream and tasty! Best to dip with our man tou (buns) ~ yummylicious!

We were so full after the meal and decided to explore around. Beside Uncle Leong Seafood Restaurant, there are other eateries like popeye Louisiana fast food, Frienzies Bistro and Bar, and Xi'an Seafood Restaurant and Bar. There is also a prawn pond where you can try prawn fishing.

Since we had come all the way to Punggol, we decided to chill out at Frienzie Bistro and Bar. As it was a weekend so the place was rather crowded. We waited for about 15 minutes to get our seats. The restaurant has a nice cool ambience which it is perfectly for group and family gatherings. Moreover, the staff are friendly and service is great. We ordered a bottle of white wine and nacho chips ~ in addition, the staff recommended their choya ume mojito ~ Now, I'm addicted to this mix.
I like the refreshing and not very strong alcoholic taste.

It was indeed a relaxing day. We had so much fun and would like to visit Punggol Riverside Walk again. Hmm, perhaps we can also try kite flying at Punggol vacant field.