Sunday, April 3, 2011

Baking Day

Lately, I have interest in baking and my friend, Li has offered her place for me to bake. Well, she can bake very well and can guide me along :) For 2 consecutive weeks, we had baked 10 chiffon cakes and more than 60 pieces of cookies. What a great attempt and effort! Luckily, Li assisted and helped me along the way ~ especially all the washing was done by her..haha! Thanks Li ^0^ Here are the photos taken during our baking process.

Here are the ingredients for our chiffon cakes ~ The oranges and lemons for our Golden Citrus Chiffon Cakes are missing in the photos as we keep in the refrigerator.

These stuff are for our cookies.

Phew! This egg separator is really a helpful tool as it makes
less messy job for separating the eggs.

Just a note to all, the eggs must be fresh or else the yolk
just leaks in together with the egg white.

Ta ta! Finally we have the egg white and yolks separated ^0^

We are preparing the mocha coffee mixture for our chiffon cake. However, we do not really like this packet of mocha coffee powder that we bought. There's creamer in it so the cake is not very fragrant. We recommend to use Robert Timms Granulated Coffee / UCC / Nescafe.

Here I put the corn oil to the mocha coffee mixture. The cake which we baked
using corn oil does not taste as good as the one using vegetable oil.

Next putting the egg yolks into the mixture bowl.

Electric Hand Mixer to beat the egg white till it's fluffy and stiff

I must get the correct texture and my hand is tiring :(

Mixing the mocha coffee mixture with the flour.

After that, mix it with the foamy egg white mixture (meringue)

The mixture is all done up and we can now carefully pour into the cake molds.

Hehe! a cracked cake ~ that is the bottom of the cake..we will just slice it off.

Letting the cake cool down...can't wait to see the texture @.@

TA-TA ~~ That's our mocha coffee chiffon cake ^.~

I am so anxious to taste my cake ^0^

Same baking steps for this Golden Citrus Chiffon Cake ~
except the ingredient changed to oranges and lemons.

A zesty flavor chiffon cake :)

This one for my parents ~ they love it :P

Black Sesame Chiffon Cake ~ Not very fragrant as we do not have time to ground the black sesame seeds into fine powder form. Or else, I guess it will turn out tastier.

Cocoa White Chocolate Chips Chiffon Cake
~ my colleagues like this ^.^

My 1st time baking cookies ~
Organic Wheatgerm Cranberry Blueberry White Chocolate Chips Cookies.

These healthy cookies turn out very big pieces and yummy too :)
Texture ~ Crispy outside and Soft inside.

These nicer cookies made by Li as the other batches of the cookies that
we earlier baked were badly done but they are still EDIBLE ^0^
~ I would not post the bad cookies shapes here :P

Well well, anyone interested to order for our chiffon cakes now ~ hehe!