Saturday, June 19, 2010

Have a Good & Healthy Weekend ^.~

It's the weekend and I am in no good mood : ( Feeling lousy as I have throat ulcers which cause pain and discomfort. It even leads to cough now and it irritates my throat. I try to gargle with warm salt water every now and then so as to soothe the pain. This is the only treatment I know but somehow it does not help much. I may have to visit the doctor again :(

Hope you have a great weekend ^-^
Have a SuNNy Weekend ^.~


I went dinner with my colleague @Coffee Club yesterday and ordered a petite cake named "MANGO MADNESS". It would not have been a complete delighted dinner without having my dessert ^.~


Order this cookies & shortbread gift parcel from Yoke Bakery for my boss. Overall, the presentation is beautiful and the cookies & shortbread are freshly baked and yummy ^.~ (no preservatives so need to consume within a week). I like the colorful teapot and lovely tulip cookies very much ~ kirei desu ne!