Sunday, October 23, 2011

Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant@ TripleOne Somerset

Steamboat has always been my favourite. There are so many dishes that you can choose to cook in your hot pot plus those yummy dipping sauces which make your food more flavorful. So far, my friends and I usually patronise Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant @Tiong Poh Road and The Magic of ChongQing Hotpot @Tanglin Shopping Centre. These 2 restaurants serve very good broths, dipping sauces, wide varieties of fresh food for your hotpot as well as a-la-carte side dishes.

Recently, I went to Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant @TripleOne Somerset which I heard from ex-colleague commented it was good but rather expensive. Anyway, I asked L to join me since she also likes steamboat. Of course, I warned her about this pricey meal before we went to Imperial Treasure Steamboat ^.~

There are 12 dipping sauces for you to mix. I always like white sesame/peanut sauce mixed with the dried chilli paste.

L likes the hot and spicy broth ~ Ma La. For me, I like to try a different broth instead of the usual herbal chicken broth ~ Century Egg with Corriander (non-spicy). I had tried this broth in my previous trip to Hong Kong. Initially I doubted that I would like it because I just didn't like corriander but once I tried the soup, the corrianders gave a pleasant aroma taste to the soup which I could accept it. It was light and delicious.

While waiting for the soups to boil, the waiter served us 4 long sticks of thin spring rolls in a wine glass. The rolls were crispy and the fillings were delicious. We did not want to have rice so we chose the egg noodles.

Next dish served to us was the live prawns ~ OMG, they were flipping and bubbles coming out from them. Totally freshness as the prawns looked shiny. The cooked prawns were crunchy and so yummy!

Here were the thinly slice beef and pork ~ very good for shabu shabu.

Our plates full of squids, eels, wantons, dumplings, fish and meat balls; and yams. There were cabbage and lettuce too which we had already put in the hot pot.