Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

It was my 1st visit to Skinny Pizza and the 10 of us were there to celebrate a colleague's birthday. The restaurant is located at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. Crowds were already queuing outside. After which the entire restaurant was filled up and started to get a little noisy.

Just a reminder to make a quick decision on your orders as the pizzas and soups that we wanted to order were run out :( Besides those pizzas and pastas shown below, there were also Clams Spaghetti Aglio Olio and a trio trays of mashed potatoes, french fries and grilled corns *v*
I had forgotten to take photos.

This was an appetizer ~ Oops! I'm not sure what was that ~ hehe :)
I think it tasted like baked pumpkin ^.~

This was half a meter of spicy chicken sausage ~ nicely grilled ~ After I had my 1st piece, I'm addictive to it. I should not eat more as I'm still have not fully recovered from my flu.
Oh the other half meter was pork sausage and I didn't take a photo of it :(

Their signature Squid Ink Pizza ~
The squid ink crust was so0O thin and crispy. Just like crackers!
Taste not too bad :P

Generous toppings ~ grilled squid and lot of salad leaves.

Smoked Turkey Swiss Pizza ~
See I purposely made the photo smokey and soften it ^0^

I actually prefer this Smoked Turkey Swiss pizza than the squid ink pizza.
It was much tastier.

This Chili Lobster Pizza was so yummy ~
the meat is moist and the chili just spiced up this pizza.
It would make one to ask for more servings :P
The crust is not cracker as the pizza base tasted like potato.

Tiny bits of Caviar on my piece of lobster pizza ^.~

Lobster Linguine ~spicy as tossed with black pepper and also
served with crab meat. The lobster meat was nicely cooked and succulent.
The linguine was perfectly done. I like this pasta a lot ~
My throat started feeling dry and sore but I just could not resist and ate more.

Well, a few more days to our Chinese New Year ~ I must recover fast and enjoy this festive season but I do not think I can eat those yummy goodies ~ sob sob T____T

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hokkaido Ramen ~ SANTOUKA 山頭火

I have always wanted to try Ramen Santouka since I heard good reviews on their springy noodles and rich tasty tonkotsu soup base. The restaurant branch at The Central is small so there is always a long queue. Luckily, I was there early for dinner and no queue started yet :P

Nice colorful ramen set selection

Great view from the restaurant where opposite is Clarke Quay.
It's beautiful especially when lights up at night

Hmm, which set should I order....

While waiting for my ramen set, let me snap a view of Clarke Quay.
It's a cloudy day :(

Our order came fast. いただきます~ Itadakimasu ^.~

Look at my Miso Ramen ~ I like the rich and flavorful mix of pork and miso broth.
The char siu is so tender and tasty ~
Although there is some fatty portion, I just couldn't spit it out as
it is delicious and melt in my mouth ~
Not forgetting my favorite bamboo shoots too ~
さくさく !

Tori Kara-age ~ Chuncky pieces of Tori Niku (Chicken Meat)
which are well marinated; the meat is juicy and tender.

Ebi Tempura ~ fresh prawns!
Egg mayo sauce is served to dip with the prawns and veg ~ うまい!

Rich aroma of the pork broth which makes me enjoy my ramen very much (^_____^)

Well, after writing this post, I have craving for ramen tonight ~ hehe!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A cold and very wet day on Sunday and I would love to have piping hot food to warm myself. My friends and I decided to have dinner at G7 Sinma Restaurant at Geylang Road Lorong 3. I have not been there for some time and wondering if their food standard is still as good as before. Here's the dishes which we ordered for 4 persons.

Egg Tofu with Minced Meat ~ Silky Smooth

Their signature Claypot Frogs which are cooked with Ginger Spring Onion.
The frog legs are the best parts to eat as they are meaty and tender.
You may find it disgusting to eat them but it is delicious. I heard it is nutritious too.
The taste is like chicken meat and they do not smell bad.

Here's another pot of frogs cooked with Kong Bao Sauce.
There are also other methods of cooking the frogs ~ Stir-fried, BBQ, Grilled and Stewed.
We usually prefer to buy the frog legs which I earlier mentioned
that there more meat as compared to the body parts.

Look at this starchy porridge
~ so yummy especially goes with the sauce from the Claypot Frogs.

Sweet and Sour Pork ~ Tangy taste with the ketchup and pineapple slices.
This dish can really increase my appetite ~ I want more food ^0^ LOL

Broccoli with scallops, mushrooms and capsicum.

I love seafood and crabs are one of my favorite. Sometimes dining at
Zi Char stalls or Seafood Restaurants, I have cravings for crabs.
But I just can't be bother or rather lazy to eat crabs as it can be messy and
hassle to eat them. I will need the cracking tools to open the crab
claws and its other body parts; and then slowly dig/pull out the crab meat.
Therefore, I would prefer to order crab dishes such as appetizers, crab cakes, soup,
croquette which they come in the form of meat and not the whole crab ~

Whenever I order Chilli Crabs, I would not miss out my order of
the Man Tou (Fried Buns). I will dip it with the gravy. It's delicious!

Overall, their signature Claypot Frog Porridge and the rest of our food did not
disappoint me ~ They are as tasty and flavorful as before. I will definitely
return to try other dishes on their menu ^.~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Bistro @ NUSS Suntec City Guild House

My Friday night hung out with my colleagues at the NUSS Suntec City Guild House. Thanks to a colleague who brought us there as she is a member of NUSS Graduate Club. We had our dinner at The Bistro and a Karaoke session at The K room.

I must comment the food at The Bistro is considerably good and quite reasonably priced. However, it takes a while for the food to come. So please be a little patient ^-^

This braised dish is chicken wrapped in cabbage.
The chicken meat is tender and juicy; and the cabbage is so soft.
The gravy goes well with rice.

This lobster with asparagus dish bowl is in their CNY menu and
a little overprice as the serving is small. But the presentation is lovely :)
The lobster meat is fresh and the asparagus is very crunchy and not overcooked.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab

I must say this is my favorite dish ~
Coffee Pork Ribs with almonds slices which is savory and appetizing!

Oops! A blur photo of this Deep Fried Brinjal with Bah Hu (Pork Floss)
This is my first time eating Brinjal cooked in this way. Thumbs up!
The leftover Bah Hu goes well with our rice too :)

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Dried Shrimps
~ Spicy Vegetables ~

Silky Tofu with Mushrooms and Vegetables ~ The tofu is so soft and smooth.
A delectable dish ~ I like it ^.~

Next, our desserts ~ Mango Passion Oreos Cheesecake
Tangy and not very sweet. Nice.

Baked Apple Crumble Pie with Vanilla Ice-Cream.
The crust texture is nicely baked, crispy and not hard.
The apple slices are so flavorful with a hint of cinnamon.
I just cannot resist this dessert as it is too yummy ^.~

After a heavy dinner, we continue with our Karaoke session ~ chilling out with some beers, honey-lemon beverage and sings to de-stress ~ wo0OhO0o!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HaPpY NeW YeAr !!

*blink* *blink** and we have moved into another brand new year of 2011!Animated Gifs

It's also time to list down your New Year's resolutions Animated Gifs Animated GifsAnimated Gifs Well, I used to draw up a long list of what I wanted to accomplish but just didn't realize them all ~ Now, I just hope to stay healthy and happy Animated Gifs throughout the years. I think it's much easier to do and fulfill it ~ haha!

Here were the shots on my New Year's eve potluck party

Fried Bee Hoon which we ordered from one of the Amoy Street hawker stall.
They were generous in giving the ingredients.

My colleagues requested for my mum's otah ~ thick slices of the tasty otah

Animated Gifs

I love Totistos whole grain tortilla chips and their yummylicious~
smooth & cheesy dip and all natural chunky salsa dip - slurp!

Animated Gifs

Animated Gifs

Sotong & Crabmeat fillet

This wonderful salad was done by an aunty working in our company. She has a flair of decorating the fruit salad. Each time we requested her to make the salad and it turns out lovely.

Animated Gifs

Graphic ArtLast, but not least, how could we miss out a bottle of good wine for this celebration
~ Toast to all for a good year in 2011Graphic Images