Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A cold and very wet day on Sunday and I would love to have piping hot food to warm myself. My friends and I decided to have dinner at G7 Sinma Restaurant at Geylang Road Lorong 3. I have not been there for some time and wondering if their food standard is still as good as before. Here's the dishes which we ordered for 4 persons.

Egg Tofu with Minced Meat ~ Silky Smooth

Their signature Claypot Frogs which are cooked with Ginger Spring Onion.
The frog legs are the best parts to eat as they are meaty and tender.
You may find it disgusting to eat them but it is delicious. I heard it is nutritious too.
The taste is like chicken meat and they do not smell bad.

Here's another pot of frogs cooked with Kong Bao Sauce.
There are also other methods of cooking the frogs ~ Stir-fried, BBQ, Grilled and Stewed.
We usually prefer to buy the frog legs which I earlier mentioned
that there more meat as compared to the body parts.

Look at this starchy porridge
~ so yummy especially goes with the sauce from the Claypot Frogs.

Sweet and Sour Pork ~ Tangy taste with the ketchup and pineapple slices.
This dish can really increase my appetite ~ I want more food ^0^ LOL

Broccoli with scallops, mushrooms and capsicum.

I love seafood and crabs are one of my favorite. Sometimes dining at
Zi Char stalls or Seafood Restaurants, I have cravings for crabs.
But I just can't be bother or rather lazy to eat crabs as it can be messy and
hassle to eat them. I will need the cracking tools to open the crab
claws and its other body parts; and then slowly dig/pull out the crab meat.
Therefore, I would prefer to order crab dishes such as appetizers, crab cakes, soup,
croquette which they come in the form of meat and not the whole crab ~

Whenever I order Chilli Crabs, I would not miss out my order of
the Man Tou (Fried Buns). I will dip it with the gravy. It's delicious!

Overall, their signature Claypot Frog Porridge and the rest of our food did not
disappoint me ~ They are as tasty and flavorful as before. I will definitely
return to try other dishes on their menu ^.~

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