Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hong Kong's Snacks and Desserts

There was occasional rains on the first 2 days when I arrived in Hong Kong (HK). For the rest of the week, the weather was hot and humid which I felt thirsty and dehydrate easily :( Luckily, there are many stalls selling cold beverages and desserts in the shopping malls and streets which I can grab to quench my thirst ^.~ Although the unbearable heat made me discomfort and moody but I still took photos of what I drank and ate to share in my blog hehe ^0^

It was raining quite heavily on my 2nd day in HK so ST and I decided to shop in a mall and went to 旺角中心 (Argyle Centre). The stuff sold in Argyle Centre were cheap and the quality of accessories and clothes were not too bad *v* One thing I like shopping at this place is that we can bargain ^.~ The not so good thingy is that we are disallowed to try on the clothes to see if fit on us :( Anyway, the stuff were good buys so we just went ahead to buy what we liked ^.~ We did not miss out any single shop in the Centre. We done so much walking until my legs were cramped and tired. Also, I almost died of thirst (not hunger) haha! We decided to take a rest and found Happy Lemon on the 1st floor in the Centre. Apparently, Happy Lemon is very popular among the youngsters.

There were many people crowded around the stall so I had to move back and took a pic of their signboard :P We waited awhile before we collected our cold beverages.

Here's another board showing varieties of their beverages.
I couldn't decide my choice of beverage.

ST chose Lemon Honey Juice which is refreshing and full of vitamin C. I bought Pearl Sago Milk Tea. The tea is thick and fragrant; and the pearls are QQ. The cups look kawaii too ^.~

鸡蛋仔 ~ Egg Waffle
It's piping hot so I could only take the photo from the paper bag.
Crispy outside and Soft inside. Taste ~ not sweet.

I love EGGs ~ so how can I miss egg tarts, right! These tarts are from Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌饼家) As the tarts are freshly baked and just out from hot oven, they are so many people queuing to buy few boxes of the tarts.

MacDonald's in HK. The burgers really cater to Chinese taste ~ yummy!
That's my cup of caramel latte ^.~

Another popular dessert chain ~ 许留山 (Hui Lau Shan) and
they are famous for their mango desserts.

ST and I ordered the mango beverage topped with coconut milk and jelly.

Sob Sob :( ~ Now how can I stop my cravings for these goody snacks and desserts :(

東榮火鍋 Tung Wing Hot Pot

I have not been blogging lately as I was on vacation in Hong Kong (HK) for retail therapy, tasting good food and meeting up friends. I just recalled that my last trip to Hong Kong was like 7 years back. Wow~ time flies! Anyway, it was indeed a fruitful and enjoyable trip ~ definitely a good break from work.

The eateries and shopping in HK just attracted me so much that mostly my photos taken were on food ~ hehe ^0^ Of course I could not miss out the night scenes of HK skyline and Stanley (赤柱) which is a beautiful tourist spot in HK. I also managed to arrange a day trip to Macau too. All these will be posted later : )

On my 1st day of arrival, I had a sumptuous dinner at 東榮火鍋 Tung Wing Hot Pot.

A blur shot ~ guess I'm too hungry so my hands shake terribly..haha :P

We took this set for 8 persons

This is the soup based ~ winter melon chicken stock (冬瓜鸡汤) and herbal soup (药材汤). The plate is filled with prawn and squid paste (蝦滑同墨魚滑) ~ all handmade which they minced it so fine and gluey. Super delicious as it is so fresh!

The other hotpot soup based is satay (沙嗲汤)and century egg with coriander leaves (皮蛋汤). Unusual soup based as those that I have tried were chicken stock and hot & spicy 麻辣soup. The fried salmon skin is tasty too ~ crispy! Not very oily and salty~ I like it :P Did you see the plate of meat and fish balls (手打鮮豬肉丸 & 順德鯪魚球)? Those are handmade and so bouncy ^.~

Here's our table full of yummy dishes ^.~

So colorful too ^.~

I'm gonna miss this hot pot when I return to S'pore :(

This is beef sashimi (日式牛肉刺身) and it's my first time tasting it as I don't like beef. Freshly cut thin slices and simply delicious! And I only ate one piece hehe :P

Fresh Sashimi (魚刺身) ~ hmm not sure what fish they use but they taste heavenly good! For this fish sashimi, I would love to eat more haha ^0^

Nice presentation of the prawns sticking out from the bowl ^-^ Oh these prawns are live and moving~ so confirmed FRESH! There are vegetarian abalones in slices on the plate next to the prawns.

Thumbs up for all the hot pot dishes and I highly recommend this restaurant.
Try it if you visit HK.

東榮火鍋 Tung Wing Hot Pot
Address: 九龍城福佬村道62-64號地下
Tel: 2716 7338