Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant 李貴(亞蟹)席館

For those who likes Teochew cuisine, there is a restaurant along Mosque Street named Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant. I was there for lunch one afternoon and gladly enjoyed the food and their service.

 Prawn (Hei Chor) and liver rolls. Crispy and tasty. Apparently their liver rolls are one of most popular dish. Whoever visits must try.  However, it's up to individual taste as some may prefer the usual Ngoh Hiang.

Deep Fried Prawns with Mayo. I think there's Mango puree was added to the Mayonnaise sauce.

 My all time favorite ~ Fish Maw Soup.  This was a last minute order as we were hesitating if we could finish eating all the food.  But we just went ahead ^.~  This was one of the best that I had tried so far ~ generous ingredients as you could see in the photo and it's very tasty. If the fish maws were not fresh, there would be a fishy smell.

 Braised veg with pork and mushrooms ~ great dish to go along with rice but we ordered porridge instead.  The veg and pork were simmer till very soft.

Steamed Promfret in Teochew Style. Personally I like to eat fish that's cooked in any style so this is another healthy and yummy dish.  Thou' it may cost a bit for this dish but I would not mind to pay if it came out fresh and well cooked.

There are also other of their signature Teochew dishes like Oyster Omelette, Cold Crabs, Braised Duck and Yam Paste (Or Nee) which I will like to try next time.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I have been eating Japanese food for 3 times this week and I am still not sick of itEating It was a pre-X'mas dinner with my colleagues at Irodori and we had a-la-carte dinner buffet.  There were over 100 dishes in their menu and eat-all-you-can Simley w/Sushi 3I find that the food quality is comparatively as good as Shin Minori and the price is affordable too.  I realized in both restuarants that the desserts were not included in their menu. It's quite disappointed and hopefully that they could include desserts like matcha/goma ice-cream, puddings or even strawberry shortcakes in their menu  

Sashimi Moriawase is always the 1st dish that I will order.  Fresh and sweet assortment of mix raw fish and octopus.  We had ordered twice.

 This is their signature special maki roll ~ Irodori Maki. The maki fillings were lobster salad, roe and mayo.  Thumbs up for this maki and we ordered twice for the maki.

Shishamo ~ hmm..ok.

Noodles craze ~ Yaki Udon & Soba, and Su Udon.  Of all, I went for Yaki Soba which was more tasty and the noodles were well cooked and fragrant.

 Tofu Salad ~ Simply love the salad dressing. Overall, this dish was very refreshing.

 Chawamushi ~ looks like beancurd or pudding ^.^

 Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and its sprinkled with sesames to enhance the fragrance.

 Pork Shogayaki ~ with ginger sauce.

 Mixed Tempura - Prawns and vegetables

 Temaki ~ Soft shell crab and california handrolls

 Grilled mid-joint chicken wings ~ oishii!

Left 1 piece of tonkatsu for photoshoot...

 Agedashi tofu for 1 serving

Age Gyoza ~ fried dumpling dipped with mayo

 Saba Shioyaki

Don't get cheated by the look of this dish ~ Green Tea Rice.  It tasted neither blend nor bitter.  It's actually quite tasty except a little salty. Somehow I think the soup was made from chicken or pork broth mixed with green tea.  Luckily, I just ordered a bowl to try as the rest were not particularly enjoyed this rice.

The filling inside the croquette was pumpkin

Here's a plate of complimentary grilled prawns to us.  Yummylicious ~ too bad, no extra servings..hehe!

A definitely great place for group dinings where you can order and taste more dishes.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant @ UE Square

Met up with my pals for ala-carte Japanese buffet dinner @ Shin Minori.  Few weeks back, I went to Senki  Japanese Restaurant @ Killiney Road for their buffet and I personally find that Shin Minori served better quality of Japanese food at an affordable price.Smiley GoodThe service crew were friendly and responsive. As always, I was very hungry because I skipped my breakfast and only had light snacks so that I could eat more at dinner.  Luckily, the crew served our food fast without waiting too long. In about 10-15 minutes, our table easily filled up with all the dishes that we ordered.

 Complimentary dish ~ Lightly grilled fish head with sweet sauce. It's flavorful.
We order California, Spider and Ebi Tempura Temaki ~ the way they wrapped the temaki was firm and filling was generous. Oishii desu ne

 Here were our skewers of grilled shitake mushrooms with katsuobushi (bonito flakes), a plate of yasai itame (fried mixed veg), saba teriyaki (grilled mackarel with teriyaki sauce), Breaded prawns, fried chicken wings and i think I ordered the spider maki set as the grilled eel sushi set were out from the menu that day :(

Sashimi Moriwase ~ very fresh raw snapper, yellowtail, salmon, tuna and octopus.  This was actually our 2nd order :)

O0ops! Almost finishing the whole bowl of garlic rice and then remembered to snap a shot. The rice was very fragrant.

This was my 2nd order of the grilled mackarel (saba). Earlier on, I had the saba with teriyaki sauce and now this was saba shioyaki (grilled with salt).  The slice of saba was nicely grilled and the fishmeat was not dry and tough.

The shishamo (pregnant capelin) was a little disappointing as it was too charred and there wasn't much of roe. 

Gyuniku Shogayaki ~ Beef with special sauce.

Thumbs up for this kani tempura ~ crispy and definitely goes well with beer ^.~

Salmon with special sauce.

There was no dessert in the buffet menu so we ordered separately. Yuzu sorbet, Matcha ice cream with azuki beans & Wildberries gelato.

Christmas deco is up at everywhere....Ho Ho Ho!
There were supposed to have more mouth-watering food photos posted here but I was busy placing orders, eating and chatting with my pals ~ hehe!

Have a good week ahead ~ CheeriosSmiley Bloom

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekday Afternoon Tea @ The Regent Hotel

I managed to take a day off to enjoy an afternoon tea @ The Regent, Tea Lounge with Ms K and also to give her a birthday treat. I wished it would be a bright and sunny day. Unfortunately, the sky was rather dark and cloudy; and a heavy downpour would be coming up. Indeed! Just as we steppped into the hotel lobby, it started to rain outside. Phew!

The afternoon tea started at 12noon till 5pm. There were only 1 table occupied. It might be due to the wet weather which not many people come for tea that day. Well, the lounge was cozy and quiet. The friendly staff brought us to our sofa seats at a corner where we could chat (gossip) privately ^.~

We had ordered 2 tea sets. As for the beverage (tea/coffee/chocolate) menu, we could choose only 2 types of beverage and it's free flow. While waiting for our 3-tier tea sets to be served, I took a few shots of the lounge and our table setting.

That was what where the staff brought the tea sets out.

English style of table setting.

We were first served with the finger sandwiches with egg mayo, smoked salmon & chicken fillings. We opted out the roasted beef. Here's a full pic of our afternoon tea sets.

Closer of the 3-tier tea set ~ Ms K couldn't wait to grab those yummlicious goodies :) I let her wait until I had taken a satisfied photo of the tea set..wahaha ^0^

Closer pic of the goodies in the tea set.

We began with the 1st tier which served scones ~ plain and raisins. I love scones but it can be very filling.

Their clotted cream was simply the best and we had actually asked for 2nd serving. We spread alot on each scone ~ OMG it's fattening ya (o^^o) The lemon curd was yummy too ~ smooth & sourish. I didn't have much of the strawberry preserve as I preferred the first 2 spreads.

The next tier was savory pastries. Thumbs up for the cheesestraws, sausage & cornish pastie but the quiche was not my liking.

Here came the last tier ~ desserts and I couldn't wait to taste all. (o^^o)
I always love macarons and their lovely colors. Our macarons were in one of my fav color ~ Pink. The rest of the delicious desserts include cheesecake, choc cake, choc mousse, raspberry cocconut delice; curd tart and a piece of choc praline.

In all, I'm satisfied with my English afternoon tea set. Moreover, it's a nice place to chill out with sweet treats and music (there was actually a pianist performing in late noon ~ jazz pop instrumental music pieces).