Monday, December 5, 2011


I have been eating Japanese food for 3 times this week and I am still not sick of itEating It was a pre-X'mas dinner with my colleagues at Irodori and we had a-la-carte dinner buffet.  There were over 100 dishes in their menu and eat-all-you-can Simley w/Sushi 3I find that the food quality is comparatively as good as Shin Minori and the price is affordable too.  I realized in both restuarants that the desserts were not included in their menu. It's quite disappointed and hopefully that they could include desserts like matcha/goma ice-cream, puddings or even strawberry shortcakes in their menu  

Sashimi Moriawase is always the 1st dish that I will order.  Fresh and sweet assortment of mix raw fish and octopus.  We had ordered twice.

 This is their signature special maki roll ~ Irodori Maki. The maki fillings were lobster salad, roe and mayo.  Thumbs up for this maki and we ordered twice for the maki.

Shishamo ~ hmm..ok.

Noodles craze ~ Yaki Udon & Soba, and Su Udon.  Of all, I went for Yaki Soba which was more tasty and the noodles were well cooked and fragrant.

 Tofu Salad ~ Simply love the salad dressing. Overall, this dish was very refreshing.

 Chawamushi ~ looks like beancurd or pudding ^.^

 Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce and its sprinkled with sesames to enhance the fragrance.

 Pork Shogayaki ~ with ginger sauce.

 Mixed Tempura - Prawns and vegetables

 Temaki ~ Soft shell crab and california handrolls

 Grilled mid-joint chicken wings ~ oishii!

Left 1 piece of tonkatsu for photoshoot...

 Agedashi tofu for 1 serving

Age Gyoza ~ fried dumpling dipped with mayo

 Saba Shioyaki

Don't get cheated by the look of this dish ~ Green Tea Rice.  It tasted neither blend nor bitter.  It's actually quite tasty except a little salty. Somehow I think the soup was made from chicken or pork broth mixed with green tea.  Luckily, I just ordered a bowl to try as the rest were not particularly enjoyed this rice.

The filling inside the croquette was pumpkin

Here's a plate of complimentary grilled prawns to us.  Yummylicious ~ too bad, no extra servings..hehe!

A definitely great place for group dinings where you can order and taste more dishes.

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  1. Mmmm, everything looks delicious. I love Japanese food too. Funny, the first time I tried chawanmushi, I thought it WAS pudding! Quite a shock when it was savory, not sweet :D