Saturday, June 19, 2010

Have a Good & Healthy Weekend ^.~

It's the weekend and I am in no good mood : ( Feeling lousy as I have throat ulcers which cause pain and discomfort. It even leads to cough now and it irritates my throat. I try to gargle with warm salt water every now and then so as to soothe the pain. This is the only treatment I know but somehow it does not help much. I may have to visit the doctor again :(

Hope you have a great weekend ^-^
Have a SuNNy Weekend ^.~


I went dinner with my colleague @Coffee Club yesterday and ordered a petite cake named "MANGO MADNESS". It would not have been a complete delighted dinner without having my dessert ^.~


Order this cookies & shortbread gift parcel from Yoke Bakery for my boss. Overall, the presentation is beautiful and the cookies & shortbread are freshly baked and yummy ^.~ (no preservatives so need to consume within a week). I like the colorful teapot and lovely tulip cookies very much ~ kirei desu ne!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Helix Bridge ~ 螺旋桥

My trip to Marina Bay Sands ended in the late evening. Since it was breezy outside and I decided to make my way to see the Helix Bridge situated @Marina Bay. This new innovative landmark was officially opened on 24 April 2010.

As what I read in URA's website, this bridge is 280-metre long and constructed in a double helix structure. It is designed by a consortium comprising Australian architects - COX Group and engineers - ARUP, with Singapore-based Architects 61.

There are viewing platforms or "pods" where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Singapore city skyline and waterfront. Especially @night, when the bridge is lighted up, the view is even more gorgeous :) For those who still have not been to the Helix Bridge, I think you should. This is a new attraction and yet another unique landmark for the pro-photographers to capture their shots.

As my cam is quite new and I am trying out the night scene modes for my shoots. Phew! The photos turn out better than my previous cams ^.~

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SweetSpot @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

I have a sweet tooth. Besides my iPhone and iPod, I think I also cannot live without cakes, pies, tarts, macaroons or any dessert! Just simply tempting and delectable!

After a whole afternoon walking and taking photos @MBS, I needed a break and went to SweetSpot for tea and their desserts. I have previously read the blog reviews on SweetSpot and it was recommended to try their macaroons which cost S$2/- per piece. Well, without further writing on, I shall show you the photos ~ Drooling ^0^

Be prepared to stand and enjoy your cuppa tea/coffee and cakes as there are limited seats :(

Macaroons, cakes, pastries and breads display neatly.

Thumbs up for the macaroons and I would love to order more.

Lovely cake deco

Rum & Rasin Cheesecake ~ looks yummy!

Choice of cakes ~ each and every piece just looks mouth-watering.


This is what I have ordered ~ Macaroons, Mille Peuille and Dark Black Forest Cake.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marina Bay Sands

Last weekend, I went to one of the integrated resort, Marina Bay Sands ("MBS"). It is not fully completed yet but pretty impressive. Here are some photos which I have taken to share in my blog.

The MBS hotel consists of 3 towers connected by a sky terrace on the roof which is named Sands Sky Park. The roof top will have an excellent view overlooking the skyline of our City. Below photo was taken from The Helix Bridge overviewing the MBS Hotel.

Although my cam can take wide angle shots, the 3 towers are just too big and wide to capture :(

I was across the road and took this shot - entrance of The Shoppes @ MBS.

The Shoppes @ MBS houses luxury brand names such as Cartier, Chanel, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada and many more. There will also be a number of casual and fine dining restaurants.

You can enjoy a sampan boat ride down the canal. An adult ticket costs S$10/- and Children (12 years old & below) cost S$6/-.

Jin Shan Chinese Restaurant which is located at the MBS Hotel Lobby, L1-05. These big lanterns are actually private dining rooms.

As you walk along the MBS Hotel Atrium, you can easily find tall ceramics vessels which hold trees in it. These vessels are hand made using the coil construction method by Zheng ChongBin and his artisans. The ceramic sculpture is named as Rising Forest 升林. It is amazing to see such tall and large vessels.

FUSE lounge - After a hard day @ work, this is a great place to chill out; with live band and sipping your favourite cocktail. Wooohooo ^.~

Lift Lobby - nice deco

When I step into MBS Hotel Tower 1, I notice the colorful paintings (artwork of Sol Lewitt #917, Arcs and Circles) on the wall @ the Hotel Receiption. It is very eye-catching *_*

Another noticeable artwork is the DRIFT by Antony Gormley. You can find it @ MBS Hotel Tower 1 Atrium. The DRIFT is made of many steel rods and nodes.

I really can't wait for the full completion of MBS resort, especially looking forward to visit the Sky Park, Museum which in a lotus-shape and I am keen to watch The Lion King musical @ the Theatre too :) Last, but not least, more photo-taking @MBS ^.~

Note: Got most info from MBS website :) You can visit and find out more on MBS.

Monday, June 7, 2010

cOloRfuL aGaR aGaR

Last week, I forwarded a recipe on Sago Agar Agar to my colleague, Jessie and she decided to make it for us. I also requested her hubby, Clarence to take photos of the process (step-by-step) in making the Agar Agar. So here are the awesome photo shots taken by him. Very pro! A great teamwork from the loving couple :)

Remember to soak the Sago.

Water boiled with Pandan leaves (not shown here)
Cooking Sago ~ test your skill
Colorful cups of cooked Sago

Add coconut milk to enhance the fragrance.

Can be tedious to do several layers but it is FUN!

Nice presentation :)
Isn't it lovely and yummy?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dental Visit ~

I finally visited my dentist yesterday and my set of teeth is now clean and sparkling *wink* It has been a long time since my last dental visit to get my wisdom tooth extracted. As my dentist is so popular (let's call him ~ Dr W), he has a busy schedule and it can be difficult to fix an appointment with him. My friend asked me to switch to another dentist and I refused. I will only switch to a new dentist if I have an unbearable tooth pain.
As I always have this fear in me when I look at those sharp pointed tools and especially the sound during scaling and filling processes <~ Faint! ~>, I will go for a dentist who is highly recommended, patient and careful so that I will enjoy my visit instead of getting tense up.
I came across a dentist whose service was not pro. He was hard on my teeth and the roughness in scaling caused my teeth and gums bleed and discomfort. That was a very a bad experience for me :(
Well, I will need to visit Dr W for my tooth fillings in 2 weeks' time and he has also advised me to extract my 2 upper wisdom tooth as they affect my other teeth as they develop and causes some decay too :( No more wisdom tooth left which means no more WISDOM ~sob sob! LOL:)

That's all about my dental visit and I will post some pics on Marina Bay Sands in my blog soon.


Went to have a cup of mocha @McCafe after my dental visit. Hmm, I shouldn't have as it stained my teeth.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DiNnEr TiMe

There was a birthday bash in office yesterday. I had a hearty lunch with all the greasy and sugary food which I could not resist to eat at all :) After all those sinful food consumed yesterday, I request my mum to make a light dinner tonight. So here's what she has prepared for me ~ a rainbow salad bowl and pan-fried fish fillets for me. this consider a light meal?