Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dental Visit ~

I finally visited my dentist yesterday and my set of teeth is now clean and sparkling *wink* It has been a long time since my last dental visit to get my wisdom tooth extracted. As my dentist is so popular (let's call him ~ Dr W), he has a busy schedule and it can be difficult to fix an appointment with him. My friend asked me to switch to another dentist and I refused. I will only switch to a new dentist if I have an unbearable tooth pain.
As I always have this fear in me when I look at those sharp pointed tools and especially the sound during scaling and filling processes <~ Faint! ~>, I will go for a dentist who is highly recommended, patient and careful so that I will enjoy my visit instead of getting tense up.
I came across a dentist whose service was not pro. He was hard on my teeth and the roughness in scaling caused my teeth and gums bleed and discomfort. That was a very a bad experience for me :(
Well, I will need to visit Dr W for my tooth fillings in 2 weeks' time and he has also advised me to extract my 2 upper wisdom tooth as they affect my other teeth as they develop and causes some decay too :( No more wisdom tooth left which means no more WISDOM ~sob sob! LOL:)

That's all about my dental visit and I will post some pics on Marina Bay Sands in my blog soon.


Went to have a cup of mocha @McCafe after my dental visit. Hmm, I shouldn't have as it stained my teeth.


  1. It's sad to hear about your experience with a dentist who gave you a traumatic experience. But then again, it's good to see that your appointment is finally done. Having your teeth cleaned feels nice, doesn't it?

  2. Thanks Jerri ~ I guess you must be a dentist^.~
    It's definitely feeling wonderful to have a set of nice, clean and shiny teeth:)

  3. You had me craving for a Mochaccino. :P I can see, how loyal you truly are to Dr. W, Kaimono. One way to avoid having a tooth decay is to make sure you use a soft bristled toothbrush because if you don't, your gums might bleed very easily, you know, and it could irritate your mouth. :(

  4. Hi, Janelle!
    Thanks for dropping by and the tip on preventing my gums.
    Yes, I'm using it right now ^0^