Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DiNnEr TiMe

There was a birthday bash in office yesterday. I had a hearty lunch with all the greasy and sugary food which I could not resist to eat at all :) After all those sinful food consumed yesterday, I request my mum to make a light dinner tonight. So here's what she has prepared for me ~ a rainbow salad bowl and pan-fried fish fillets for me. this consider a light meal?


  1. Rainbow salad is totally inspiring, I loved this post and can't wait to make this beautiful dish! Lovely blog, I look forward to more foodie fun :)

  2. That looks delicious (and yes, healthy!) I think I'll have to have a salad too, we had Peking duck (and stir fried crab, among a zillion other dishes) for dinner last night...oh and then brownies...haha.

  3. Hi Bentobird,
    Thanks for your nice comments :)

    Thanks, Tofugirl.
    WOW ^0^ You had a big feast for your b'day dinner:) Those were my fav dishes ^.~