Monday, November 28, 2011

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant @ UE Square

Met up with my pals for ala-carte Japanese buffet dinner @ Shin Minori.  Few weeks back, I went to Senki  Japanese Restaurant @ Killiney Road for their buffet and I personally find that Shin Minori served better quality of Japanese food at an affordable price.Smiley GoodThe service crew were friendly and responsive. As always, I was very hungry because I skipped my breakfast and only had light snacks so that I could eat more at dinner.  Luckily, the crew served our food fast without waiting too long. In about 10-15 minutes, our table easily filled up with all the dishes that we ordered.

 Complimentary dish ~ Lightly grilled fish head with sweet sauce. It's flavorful.
We order California, Spider and Ebi Tempura Temaki ~ the way they wrapped the temaki was firm and filling was generous. Oishii desu ne

 Here were our skewers of grilled shitake mushrooms with katsuobushi (bonito flakes), a plate of yasai itame (fried mixed veg), saba teriyaki (grilled mackarel with teriyaki sauce), Breaded prawns, fried chicken wings and i think I ordered the spider maki set as the grilled eel sushi set were out from the menu that day :(

Sashimi Moriwase ~ very fresh raw snapper, yellowtail, salmon, tuna and octopus.  This was actually our 2nd order :)

O0ops! Almost finishing the whole bowl of garlic rice and then remembered to snap a shot. The rice was very fragrant.

This was my 2nd order of the grilled mackarel (saba). Earlier on, I had the saba with teriyaki sauce and now this was saba shioyaki (grilled with salt).  The slice of saba was nicely grilled and the fishmeat was not dry and tough.

The shishamo (pregnant capelin) was a little disappointing as it was too charred and there wasn't much of roe. 

Gyuniku Shogayaki ~ Beef with special sauce.

Thumbs up for this kani tempura ~ crispy and definitely goes well with beer ^.~

Salmon with special sauce.

There was no dessert in the buffet menu so we ordered separately. Yuzu sorbet, Matcha ice cream with azuki beans & Wildberries gelato.

Christmas deco is up at everywhere....Ho Ho Ho!
There were supposed to have more mouth-watering food photos posted here but I was busy placing orders, eating and chatting with my pals ~ hehe!

Have a good week ahead ~ CheeriosSmiley Bloom