Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It's Christmas today and hope all of you have a good time spending with your family and friends! 
Well, we are going to say goodbye to Year 2013 and welcoming a brand New Year next week! Gosh, this year is really passing fast ~  Perhaps I am extremely busy with lotsa stuff and that's why I find it hard to believe it's already year end.  It also means that I will be a year older in a couple of months ~ sob sob T____T 
Anyway, I do hope that in 2014 will be a blessed and fruitful year with new and exciting opportunities for me and for ALL of  you too ~^-^~


Sunday, March 3, 2013

CNY 2013 ^_^

It's unbelieving that Chinese New Year (CNY) just over so fast and 1st quarter of the Year 2013 is here! It passed so fast till I could not catch my breath and I am now down with fever and bad cough. Ok Ok I know you won't believe me! I confessed that it was actually the sumptuous CNY feasts and delicious goodies that I could not resist and ate so much. Haha!  I had about 7 or 8 Lou Hei this year and hoping good luck is with me but I never get to strike any lottery leh.... T_____T sob sob! LOL ^0^
Here are the photos posted my Lou Hei and my first time visit at the plant nursery during CNY.  Just in case for any foreign friends popping by my blog, Lou Hei means prosperity toss or yu sheng in chinese.  It's like salad with raw fish slices (can use salmon, xi dao yu (if I'm not wrong, the fish name in english is wolf herring) or even abalone) and colorful shredded radish/carrot and other condiments.  The dressing is plum sauce. 
Beautiful flowers :)
Had this yu sheng in office CNY celebration ~ ordered from food caterer so wasn't taste nice.  There was too much shredded carrots which so hard to chew.  Anyway, I think we enjoyed the tossing rather than eating...haha!
@ Beng Hiang Restaurant

Friend's housewarming and we bought yu sheng from sakae sushi. Tasted yummy!

Gathering with my ex-colleagues @ Asia Grand Restaurant ~ good service and delicious food esp their Peking duck is my all time fav ^_^

Lunch @ Mouth Restaurant with my yoga pals
This is the best yu sheng which Mum specially made for us!
I called it ~爱心鱼生 (ai xin yu sheng) hehe^0^
Mum actually improvised her own sauce on top of some plum sauce that she used. Well, the taste a lil' sourish, sweet & spicy ~ we all like it...yummy!

Mum  used abalone slices instead of raw fish

Thanks Mum ~ Love to the max!

AWB / AT / BL surprised me by their visit and brought those chinese cough herbs. Hope it works for my cough and phelgm which stuck and couldn't get out from my throat which very irritates me!  Thanks Pals!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is an overdue post of my Christmas in Year 2012.

Love the glowy feel of the X'mas lightings ~
Bought this cute Santa to place it on my pot of plant in office ~ HO HO HO!
A lighted X'mas tree greeting card ~ credit card size
A colleague's creation of this lil' piece of X'mas ornament ~ cute & nice!
Snowman cake from our Finance team's colleagues ~ lotsa fresh cream!
I baked this X'mas Mango logcake with my TMG!
Ordered this chocolatey X'mas logcake for a friend ~ the Santa with sunglass is funny! 
Thanks Lily for baking these delicious chiffon cupcakes.
Beautiful cupcake for this festive season and also in celebration of Eve's birthday in advance ^.^
Bought this for Eve's birthday gift :)
Gifts from my boss and colleagues ^0^
Hope all of you have a great YEAR 2013!
Cheerios ^.^

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My SEOUL FoODie JoURneY in Oct'2012

This is my 3rd trip to Seoul. The previous 2 trips were on packaged tours during winter season whereas this time is on my own ~ free and easy. Autumn is a good season to visit Seoul and the weather is very cooling but it can be very cold at night.  I have collated all my foodie photos that I ate in Seoul.  ^0^

Saturday, August 18, 2012

In the mood of baking ^_^.....

It's a long weekend this week and I'm in the mood of baking ^.~

I have tried out the popular Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes recipe today. It's quite a simple bake and the cake texture turns out soft.  I have omitted piping the cream into the cakes and just eat it plain.  Yummy to go with my cuppa Kopi C ^_^

Since my friend has pandan leaves, we decide to pound the leaves and extract the juice for baking our pandan muffins.

Still not enough of baking, here we go for sponge cupcakes.  We also decide to whisk the whipping cream and sugar into thick creamy form.  Thereafter, we pipe on the cupcakes and top up with blueberries.

MORE bakes....Double Chocolate Muffins ~ rich & chocolatey!

Gosh! Overbake today ^0^

Sunday, July 1, 2012

超爱吃粽子 ~ I love to eat dumplings ^.^

It's my first time making the dumplings with the help of my dear colleagues. Quite a tedious process as we need to shop for the ingredients, wash/cut, marinate and fry the ingredients. Next challenging and tiring process is the way of wrapping the dumplings.  I just cannot grab it well and wrap tightly.  However, after a few try and watching my colleague did the wrapping, I manage to do it but not nicely wrapped thou'.  But at least I tried and have fun in doing it.  All of us have enjoyed the day and tasting our handmade dumplings ^.^

Glutinous Rice - Washed, marinated with dark & light soya sauce, salt, pepper, 5 spice powder.
After a few hours, we fried the marinated rice until fragrant.
Thereafter, leave it aside and we proceed to cook rest of the ingredients.
Pork belly with some fats on it will be more tasty.  The bowl of pork is also marinated the same way as the glutinous rice. Thereafter, fried the pork till it's cooked.
Chestnuts (boil to soften them), Mushroons (sliced) ~ added garlic & shallots for more aroma and fragrant

Oh I forgot to take pics of the salted egg yolks and dried shrimps which are part of the ingredients for the dumplings.
We bought a packet of the bamboo leaves ~ soak overnight and next day, put them in boiling water. Then transfer to a bucket of clean water and wiped the leaves.  Note: to soak the leaves in water until you use them.
Hmm I really don't know how to describe the wrapping process ~ should have shoot a vid for your view.
Anyway, you should be able to google online or watch in youtube for the wrapping demo :)
See this is my first dumpling that I made ~  Happy till max ^0^
my bunch of dumplings waiting to go into the pot ^^
boil for at least 2.5 to 3 hours since our dumplings are smaller in size.  If those big ones, at least 4-5 hours.
The shape seems ok but it tasted a lttle blend :(.....should have put more soya sauce.
Well, not bad for a first timer like me ...hehe ^^