Sunday, July 1, 2012

超爱吃粽子 ~ I love to eat dumplings ^.^

It's my first time making the dumplings with the help of my dear colleagues. Quite a tedious process as we need to shop for the ingredients, wash/cut, marinate and fry the ingredients. Next challenging and tiring process is the way of wrapping the dumplings.  I just cannot grab it well and wrap tightly.  However, after a few try and watching my colleague did the wrapping, I manage to do it but not nicely wrapped thou'.  But at least I tried and have fun in doing it.  All of us have enjoyed the day and tasting our handmade dumplings ^.^

Glutinous Rice - Washed, marinated with dark & light soya sauce, salt, pepper, 5 spice powder.
After a few hours, we fried the marinated rice until fragrant.
Thereafter, leave it aside and we proceed to cook rest of the ingredients.
Pork belly with some fats on it will be more tasty.  The bowl of pork is also marinated the same way as the glutinous rice. Thereafter, fried the pork till it's cooked.
Chestnuts (boil to soften them), Mushroons (sliced) ~ added garlic & shallots for more aroma and fragrant

Oh I forgot to take pics of the salted egg yolks and dried shrimps which are part of the ingredients for the dumplings.
We bought a packet of the bamboo leaves ~ soak overnight and next day, put them in boiling water. Then transfer to a bucket of clean water and wiped the leaves.  Note: to soak the leaves in water until you use them.
Hmm I really don't know how to describe the wrapping process ~ should have shoot a vid for your view.
Anyway, you should be able to google online or watch in youtube for the wrapping demo :)
See this is my first dumpling that I made ~  Happy till max ^0^
my bunch of dumplings waiting to go into the pot ^^
boil for at least 2.5 to 3 hours since our dumplings are smaller in size.  If those big ones, at least 4-5 hours.
The shape seems ok but it tasted a lttle blend :(.....should have put more soya sauce.
Well, not bad for a first timer like me ...hehe ^^

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