Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

It was my 1st visit to Skinny Pizza and the 10 of us were there to celebrate a colleague's birthday. The restaurant is located at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. Crowds were already queuing outside. After which the entire restaurant was filled up and started to get a little noisy.

Just a reminder to make a quick decision on your orders as the pizzas and soups that we wanted to order were run out :( Besides those pizzas and pastas shown below, there were also Clams Spaghetti Aglio Olio and a trio trays of mashed potatoes, french fries and grilled corns *v*
I had forgotten to take photos.

This was an appetizer ~ Oops! I'm not sure what was that ~ hehe :)
I think it tasted like baked pumpkin ^.~

This was half a meter of spicy chicken sausage ~ nicely grilled ~ After I had my 1st piece, I'm addictive to it. I should not eat more as I'm still have not fully recovered from my flu.
Oh the other half meter was pork sausage and I didn't take a photo of it :(

Their signature Squid Ink Pizza ~
The squid ink crust was so0O thin and crispy. Just like crackers!
Taste not too bad :P

Generous toppings ~ grilled squid and lot of salad leaves.

Smoked Turkey Swiss Pizza ~
See I purposely made the photo smokey and soften it ^0^

I actually prefer this Smoked Turkey Swiss pizza than the squid ink pizza.
It was much tastier.

This Chili Lobster Pizza was so yummy ~
the meat is moist and the chili just spiced up this pizza.
It would make one to ask for more servings :P
The crust is not cracker as the pizza base tasted like potato.

Tiny bits of Caviar on my piece of lobster pizza ^.~

Lobster Linguine ~spicy as tossed with black pepper and also
served with crab meat. The lobster meat was nicely cooked and succulent.
The linguine was perfectly done. I like this pasta a lot ~
My throat started feeling dry and sore but I just could not resist and ate more.

Well, a few more days to our Chinese New Year ~ I must recover fast and enjoy this festive season but I do not think I can eat those yummy goodies ~ sob sob T____T