Friday, September 24, 2010

HongKong B'fast ~ 香港早餐 ~

I'm still in my holiday mood and cannot keep up my momentum in workCrazy EmoticonsI wish my vacation could extend much longer Anyway, I shall continue to blog on my HK trip and there are still many more pics to be edited Cute Emoticons

This post shall be showing the breakfast which I had in HK. Although the meals in HK may cost a little more but the food portion given is very generous. Emoticons It's so filling that I can actually skip my lunch and just have a tea snack.

Tsui Wah Restaurant (翠华餐厅) is just around a corner where my hotel is located. The restaurant is always crowded and popular with the local diners. There are many choices in the menu and every dish seems delicious. Their service is good and fast. Food and beverage serve piping hot!Cute Emoticons

This is their signature cup serving the tea/coffee Cute EmoticonsSaw my cup of YuanYang 鸳鸯 (coffee and tea mix) ~ fill it up to the brim and overflow. Generous or wasteful ^-^

My fave ~ 波罗包~ a bread which I can have it for my breakfast every morning hehe! Cute Emoticons

Shrimp Wanton, Fish and Squid Balls Hor Fun Soup
~ This is a healthy choice for breakfast ~ I love the soup!

My friend ST ordered this plate of QQ noodles with prawns ~ the prawns are big, fresh and crunchy!Cute Emoticons

These were another set of breakfast which I tried @ Tsui Wah ~ 波罗油,macaroni with shredded ham and abalone, toast plus 2 "Sunny Side Up"
Cute Emoticons

How can I miss HK Dim Sum as they are just simply delicious ~ I went Kirin Heen which is about 10 to 15 minutes walk from my hotel. The restaurant is big with simple interior in ivory color. The locals enjoy Yum Cha so the restaurant is crowded in the morning especially on weekends.

Cheong Fun roll with shrimps.

咸水饺 ~ one of fave dim sum Cute Emoticons& never miss the order.

Char Siew Bun ~ soft and pork meat filling is tasty ~ not badCute Emoticons

To our surprise, the century egg fish porridge was served on a big hot claypot! How can we finish by the 2 of us. They were indeed generous with the ingredients Cute Emoticons

My friend and I went to try the noodles with egg and minced meat; and laksa at Toastbox in HK ~ it caters more to the local taste which is rich in flavour ~ a little salty.

LAKSA ~ the gravy is thick and flavourful but it's oily :(