Sunday, October 31, 2010


My last visit to PARCO Marina Bay was dining at Keisuke Tokyo Ramen Restaurant. This time, I went with my ex-colleague to Saboten for Tonkatsu. It was a week day and therefore, no queue ~ Phew! I had been wanting to taste their fried pork and see if they were as good as those served at Tonkichi.

Here's my review on their Tonkatsu ~ the pork (loin/fillet) was coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried till crispy on the outside; the meat was tender and juicy (not too oily) ; the bento set came with generously serving of thinly shredded cabbages and a bowl of hot miso soup ~ free flow for both items. However, I still prefer the gohan (rice) at Tonkichi which the texture is shinier, more fragrant and tastier. Overall, it was still a pleasant and satisfying meal. Service was good and staff was friendly and polite too ^.~

Here's mixer bowl of black and white goma (sesame)
~ grind them finely and the goma fragrant just smells good ^.~

Pour a scoop of Tonkatsu sauce into the freshly grinded sesame
which is the dipping sauce for the deep fried pork loin/fillet. The sauce has a rich flavor and just goes well with my Tonkatsu ~ oishii desu ne ^0^

See this lovely glass bottles of salad dressing in creamy goma (sesame) and yuzu (citrus fruit which is vinegar-based dressing) flavors.

Yummy ~ My Tonkatsu set also served with a crab cream croquette and prawn too ^_^

We had the cabbages to eat along with the pork. This could wash away the fatty bits and I also won't feel so guilty after eating all my porky. Hehe :P