Sunday, July 11, 2010

Keisuke Tokyo Ramen @PARCO Marina Bay

Headed down to PARCO Marina Bay for the 2nd time and wanted to try the Japanese eateries located on the 3rd floor. As I'm having lunch and feel like eating noodles, I went to look around for ramen. Then, I spotted a black-theme interior and nice cozy ramen restaurant named "Keisuke Tokyo". Apparently, this is their first overseas restaurant and it seems that Keisuke Tokyo is quite popular in Japan too.

What attracted me is that their ramen soup is not Tonkotsu ~ pork bone based and it is fried shrimp-based broth! I have not tried it before and wondering does it taste like our local Prawn Mee Soup :p

A refreshing prawn salad ~ love the salad dressing and lots of mayo! However, the waffle bowl was cold and not crispy at all :(

A must order for this delicious juicy shrimp long gyoza!

Vinegar, Chili oil and soya sauce for dipping your dishes

Such a unique bowl to serve my ramen ~ I wish to have one for serving my instant noodle too ^0^ Look at the garnishing, eggs, and thick shrimp miso broth ^.~ I like the noodle ~ thick and QQ. I can accept the rich flavor of the broth but some may find it slightly salty.

Hopefully I can come back to PARCO soon and try the other Japanese eateries ^.~


  1. What a stunning meal--thank you for sharing this yumminess!

  2. It's my pleasure, Bentobird and always thanks for your nice comments ^.~