Sunday, July 11, 2010

Crave over HoT PoTs @_@

Ever since I returned from my Tokyo trip, I have not been swimming regularly at the gym which I used to do so :( I am afraid to see those kilos increasing on the weighing machine @.@ and must make an effort to shed more kilos : ) so that I can eat more without feeling much guilty haha ^o^Lately, my friend and I have craving for Hot Pot/Steamboat. For two consecutive weekends, after swim, we went to our favorite restaurants for 鸳鸯火锅 ~ Yuan Yang Hot Pot @ The Magic of ChongQing Hot Pot and Promfret Steamboat @ Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant.

So let me start off with The Magic of ChongQing Hot Pot, Suntec City Branch ("MCQHP") We decided to have ala-carte hot pot buffet and ordered a duo flavored soup - 麻辣 má là (spicy) and Herbal Chicken broth (non-spicy) for our hotpot ~ 鸳鸯火锅. There are many dishes to choose from the menu such as sliced assorted meats, vegetables, fishballs, quail eggs, mushrooms, seafood and many more ^.~ Besides these dishes, there are sweet and savory dim sum served to us too ^.~ DroOling huh! Every time after swim, I tend to get very hungry and thirsty. I was so hungry and tugged in fast to fill my empty stomach hehe :p

The 麻辣 má là soup is too spicy for me and it numbs my tastebud. But I like to dip prawns and meat/fishballs for some of its spicy flavor : ) The chicken broth may initially taste a bit blend but after all the dishes are put into it and simmer for sometime, the taste is good too.

Here's one of the sweet item which served to us ~ (1) Glutinuous Rice Cake which the outer layer is pan-fried with egg and then coated with icing sugar. Very chewy. (2) Water Chestnut Jelly. I like this. (3) 馒头 (man tou) ~ Dipped this fried bun with condensed milk ~ super yummy!

Dipping sauce is a must for enhancing the flavor of your hotpot dishes. In this sauce, there is a combination of garlic and chili in oil, sesame sauce, sesame oil and chili sauce.
Thumbs up for this sauce!

See our hot pot full of "treasures" ~ slurp!

Next, off to Ting Heng Seafood Restaurant at Tiong Poh Road for our all-time favorite ~ Promfret Steamboat. They also serve other zi cha dishes such as pepper/chili crabs, sweet and sour porks, spare ribs, claypot dishes etc. We wanted to order their famous roast chicken but there's only 2 of us and just too much for us. Again, we were hungry haha ~ just took 2 photos for my blogpost :)

The soup is tasty as it has herb ingredients and dried sole fillets. The promfret are very fresh but not many pieces served :( We love yams and golden needle mushrooms!

Yes! Tau Kee ~ I never miss this dish to go with my steamboat! Do NOT put all Crispy Tau Kee into the pot as they turn soft quickly. You should do it like the shabu shabu way. Hold a piece of the tau kee with your chopsticks or put in the ladle and soak for just a few seconds. With the soup flavor went into the Tau Kee, the taste is so yummy! Another dish that I like is their assorted prawn/fish/meat balls. All are handmade and QQ!

Well well, I think I should not go for any more hotpots/steamboats. Although it was a healthy soupy meal but the dishes that we ordered were not so ^0^ Hmm...I also mustn't forget to exercise/swim regularly too *v*

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