Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stanley 赤柱 in Hong Kong

Thank God that the weather was bright and sunny when we planned to Stanley 赤柱 which is located on the southern side of Hong Kong and a famous tourist spot. My previous trip to Stanley was such a long time and it was not very developed back then. I was very excited to re-visit Stanley.

Getting to Stanley was easy and we took an express bus#260 from Central.
The double-decked bus is comfortable and air-conditioned.

There other buses which also go to Stanley ~ as seen in my photo.

I enjoyed the journey ride to Stanley ^.~ We passed by the commercial area.
Here was the Lippo Centre 力宝中心.

Lippo Centre looks like as Koalas Bears clutch on the trees.
I managed to snap it before the bus drove off quickly hehe ^0^

I noticed that there were black dots on my photos.
I took a few shots from the bus and the windows were full of dirt
so the photos turned out to have a lot of black polka dots ~ LOL:P

We also passed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club 香港賽馬會 ~ Happy Valley Racecourse

The bus route also goes to Repulse Bay 淺水灣.
This is the famous residential building ~ The Repulse Bay (影灣園). Did you notice the square hole in the building. Apparently, it was built this way for Feng Shui purposes.

When we alighted at the bus drop off point, you could easily find your way
to the places that you wanted to go : )

Gosh! It was hot day. We hurriedly went to the Stanley market for shelter hehe!
Wooohoo, it's time for kaimono^0^

Besides the marketplace in Stanley, another popular spot is the Boathouse restaurant
which you might see in Hong Kong movies/drama serials.

Nice ^_^

Wow the sky is sooo Blue and I love the fluffy clouds.

We took a rest and sipping our cold beverages at an alfresco cafe ~ Beautiful view!

We were strolling along the streets and heading to Blake Pier and Murray House.

Took this shot and put an effect on the photo ~ Does it look like in the 1960s? ^.~

Sunny days are always perfect for photo taking ^0^ I just snapped non-stop!

Sunlight glazed on the seawater ^.~ Oh I feel like dipping into the sea ~

Blue sky and I'm feeling so good ~ not Blues

While I'm resting on a bench at the Blake Pier, I saw a plane and
quickly zoom to take a pic. Can you spot it ^.~

I like this view :P

There were many old folks around at the pier and they were taking photos ~
The uncles were holding SLRs with long lenses and I guess they must be professional photographers. I observed and followed them to take the best views haha ^.~

I saw a few Uncles were holding their cam and zoom to take this shot. I did the same too.
Frankly, I don't really know to appreciate this photo leh ~wahaha^0^ Nice?

Just trying to take a view from here ~ it turned out quite nice :P

Murray House 美利樓 ~ its architecture is like victorian-era design.

It was mid autumn festival when I was in Hong Kong so there were
many lanterns hanging around the building.

Ended my day here @ Stanley ^.~

Although I could not stand the hot weather but it was indeed a wonderful trip to Stanley.