Sunday, June 3, 2012

Putff Pastries Baking ^.~

Recently, I registered for the puff pastries baking class with BakinCalf . The recipes are quite easy but the folding process of the dough with margarine can be tedious and challenging.  The rolling process and thickness of the dough must take note correctly.  Overall, it was an enjoyable class and the puff pastries turned out nicely baked and delicious ^.~

Portuguese Egg Tarts ~the flakey crust is my fav.
Twist Puffs glazed with sugar and cinnamon powder.

Palmier Puff glazed with sugar

Tada ~ piping hot puffs from oven

Yummy egg tarts and chicken pies ~ nice color

Here's my box of puff pastries which I brought home o(^^)o


  1. When does TMG get to eat these?

  2. anytime ^^...but when u see how much i put the margarine, you may not want to eat lor ^o^