Sunday, March 3, 2013

CNY 2013 ^_^

It's unbelieving that Chinese New Year (CNY) just over so fast and 1st quarter of the Year 2013 is here! It passed so fast till I could not catch my breath and I am now down with fever and bad cough. Ok Ok I know you won't believe me! I confessed that it was actually the sumptuous CNY feasts and delicious goodies that I could not resist and ate so much. Haha!  I had about 7 or 8 Lou Hei this year and hoping good luck is with me but I never get to strike any lottery leh.... T_____T sob sob! LOL ^0^
Here are the photos posted my Lou Hei and my first time visit at the plant nursery during CNY.  Just in case for any foreign friends popping by my blog, Lou Hei means prosperity toss or yu sheng in chinese.  It's like salad with raw fish slices (can use salmon, xi dao yu (if I'm not wrong, the fish name in english is wolf herring) or even abalone) and colorful shredded radish/carrot and other condiments.  The dressing is plum sauce. 
Beautiful flowers :)
Had this yu sheng in office CNY celebration ~ ordered from food caterer so wasn't taste nice.  There was too much shredded carrots which so hard to chew.  Anyway, I think we enjoyed the tossing rather than eating...haha!
@ Beng Hiang Restaurant

Friend's housewarming and we bought yu sheng from sakae sushi. Tasted yummy!

Gathering with my ex-colleagues @ Asia Grand Restaurant ~ good service and delicious food esp their Peking duck is my all time fav ^_^

Lunch @ Mouth Restaurant with my yoga pals
This is the best yu sheng which Mum specially made for us!
I called it ~爱心鱼生 (ai xin yu sheng) hehe^0^
Mum actually improvised her own sauce on top of some plum sauce that she used. Well, the taste a lil' sourish, sweet & spicy ~ we all like it...yummy!

Mum  used abalone slices instead of raw fish

Thanks Mum ~ Love to the max!

AWB / AT / BL surprised me by their visit and brought those chinese cough herbs. Hope it works for my cough and phelgm which stuck and couldn't get out from my throat which very irritates me!  Thanks Pals!

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