Sunday, January 20, 2013


This is an overdue post of my Christmas in Year 2012.

Love the glowy feel of the X'mas lightings ~
Bought this cute Santa to place it on my pot of plant in office ~ HO HO HO!
A lighted X'mas tree greeting card ~ credit card size
A colleague's creation of this lil' piece of X'mas ornament ~ cute & nice!
Snowman cake from our Finance team's colleagues ~ lotsa fresh cream!
I baked this X'mas Mango logcake with my TMG!
Ordered this chocolatey X'mas logcake for a friend ~ the Santa with sunglass is funny! 
Thanks Lily for baking these delicious chiffon cupcakes.
Beautiful cupcake for this festive season and also in celebration of Eve's birthday in advance ^.^
Bought this for Eve's birthday gift :)
Gifts from my boss and colleagues ^0^
Hope all of you have a great YEAR 2013!
Cheerios ^.^

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