Monday, June 7, 2010

cOloRfuL aGaR aGaR

Last week, I forwarded a recipe on Sago Agar Agar to my colleague, Jessie and she decided to make it for us. I also requested her hubby, Clarence to take photos of the process (step-by-step) in making the Agar Agar. So here are the awesome photo shots taken by him. Very pro! A great teamwork from the loving couple :)

Remember to soak the Sago.

Water boiled with Pandan leaves (not shown here)
Cooking Sago ~ test your skill
Colorful cups of cooked Sago

Add coconut milk to enhance the fragrance.

Can be tedious to do several layers but it is FUN!

Nice presentation :)
Isn't it lovely and yummy?


  1. Excellent step-by-step to arrive at a beautiful end product! Alluring rainbow soft colors...I love coconut milk and this is a gorgeous way to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is so pretty! So the sago is mixed with the agar agar, right? I might need to go buy some this weekend to try....hehehe.

  3. Thanks Bentobird :) Yes, coconut milk adds a nice fragrance to the agar agar and makes it tasty too :)

    Hi Carol,
    Yes, put the colored sago into the agar agar mixture. Once a layer hardened, you scoop another layer on it. Hmmm, you may really turn into a rainbow soon..haha! Try making rainbow agar agar this weekend. Perhaps you should post a rainbow gourmet theme on your blog :)