Thursday, June 10, 2010

SweetSpot @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

I have a sweet tooth. Besides my iPhone and iPod, I think I also cannot live without cakes, pies, tarts, macaroons or any dessert! Just simply tempting and delectable!

After a whole afternoon walking and taking photos @MBS, I needed a break and went to SweetSpot for tea and their desserts. I have previously read the blog reviews on SweetSpot and it was recommended to try their macaroons which cost S$2/- per piece. Well, without further writing on, I shall show you the photos ~ Drooling ^0^

Be prepared to stand and enjoy your cuppa tea/coffee and cakes as there are limited seats :(

Macaroons, cakes, pastries and breads display neatly.

Thumbs up for the macaroons and I would love to order more.

Lovely cake deco

Rum & Rasin Cheesecake ~ looks yummy!

Choice of cakes ~ each and every piece just looks mouth-watering.


This is what I have ordered ~ Macaroons, Mille Peuille and Dark Black Forest Cake.


  1. Ooh, those desserts look SO GOOD. I want!!

  2. Why don't u catch an eary flight to S'pore tomorrow and I'll bring u there..hehe ^.~

  3. Don't tempt me! If I make it back to Singapore, I'm definitely going to depend on your food guidance :D

  4. Sure, can be arranged ~ hehe :)

  5. edible art--amazing photos! I must go back to look at them again and drool some more--aiyyeee!

  6. Hi Bentobird!
    Thanks for your comments:)
    Me too, whenever I see your colorful bento sets, they make me hungry too haha:)
    Guess we are all food lovers ^0^