Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekday Afternoon Tea @ The Regent Hotel

I managed to take a day off to enjoy an afternoon tea @ The Regent, Tea Lounge with Ms K and also to give her a birthday treat. I wished it would be a bright and sunny day. Unfortunately, the sky was rather dark and cloudy; and a heavy downpour would be coming up. Indeed! Just as we steppped into the hotel lobby, it started to rain outside. Phew!

The afternoon tea started at 12noon till 5pm. There were only 1 table occupied. It might be due to the wet weather which not many people come for tea that day. Well, the lounge was cozy and quiet. The friendly staff brought us to our sofa seats at a corner where we could chat (gossip) privately ^.~

We had ordered 2 tea sets. As for the beverage (tea/coffee/chocolate) menu, we could choose only 2 types of beverage and it's free flow. While waiting for our 3-tier tea sets to be served, I took a few shots of the lounge and our table setting.

That was what where the staff brought the tea sets out.

English style of table setting.

We were first served with the finger sandwiches with egg mayo, smoked salmon & chicken fillings. We opted out the roasted beef. Here's a full pic of our afternoon tea sets.

Closer of the 3-tier tea set ~ Ms K couldn't wait to grab those yummlicious goodies :) I let her wait until I had taken a satisfied photo of the tea set..wahaha ^0^

Closer pic of the goodies in the tea set.

We began with the 1st tier which served scones ~ plain and raisins. I love scones but it can be very filling.

Their clotted cream was simply the best and we had actually asked for 2nd serving. We spread alot on each scone ~ OMG it's fattening ya (o^^o) The lemon curd was yummy too ~ smooth & sourish. I didn't have much of the strawberry preserve as I preferred the first 2 spreads.

The next tier was savory pastries. Thumbs up for the cheesestraws, sausage & cornish pastie but the quiche was not my liking.

Here came the last tier ~ desserts and I couldn't wait to taste all. (o^^o)
I always love macarons and their lovely colors. Our macarons were in one of my fav color ~ Pink. The rest of the delicious desserts include cheesecake, choc cake, choc mousse, raspberry cocconut delice; curd tart and a piece of choc praline.

In all, I'm satisfied with my English afternoon tea set. Moreover, it's a nice place to chill out with sweet treats and music (there was actually a pianist performing in late noon ~ jazz pop instrumental music pieces).

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