Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hokkaido Ramen ~ SANTOUKA 山頭火

I have always wanted to try Ramen Santouka since I heard good reviews on their springy noodles and rich tasty tonkotsu soup base. The restaurant branch at The Central is small so there is always a long queue. Luckily, I was there early for dinner and no queue started yet :P

Nice colorful ramen set selection

Great view from the restaurant where opposite is Clarke Quay.
It's beautiful especially when lights up at night

Hmm, which set should I order....

While waiting for my ramen set, let me snap a view of Clarke Quay.
It's a cloudy day :(

Our order came fast. いただきます~ Itadakimasu ^.~

Look at my Miso Ramen ~ I like the rich and flavorful mix of pork and miso broth.
The char siu is so tender and tasty ~
Although there is some fatty portion, I just couldn't spit it out as
it is delicious and melt in my mouth ~
Not forgetting my favorite bamboo shoots too ~
さくさく !

Tori Kara-age ~ Chuncky pieces of Tori Niku (Chicken Meat)
which are well marinated; the meat is juicy and tender.

Ebi Tempura ~ fresh prawns!
Egg mayo sauce is served to dip with the prawns and veg ~ うまい!

Rich aroma of the pork broth which makes me enjoy my ramen very much (^_____^)

Well, after writing this post, I have craving for ramen tonight ~ hehe!

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