Sunday, July 25, 2010

KISEKI Japanese Buffet @ The Heeren

Have you watched "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"? I'm glad to receive a Bank's invitation to the movie on Saturday. It was an awesome movie filled with magic and some laughter too :) Here's the trailer:

Movie is not the topic of my post today hehe ^0^ It was my dinner last night. I read about the newly opened Kiseki Japanese Buffet @ The Heeren and decided to ask my colleagues along to try it out.

The restaurant is located at the basement of the mall. We arrived early but it was not until 6pm then it opened for dinner buffet. The restaurant has been attracting crowds as I saw long queues waiting to join in the buffet. So you got to be there on time to queue or make reservation in advance.

It serves a wide spread of all your favorite Japanese food from cold seafood, sashimi, sushi, tempura, teppanyaki, yakitori, shabu shabu, grilled meats and seafood, soup & salad, soba/udon, desserts (tofu cheesecake, mini assorted cakes, waffles, hot purple sweet potato soup, melon jelly, ice-cream) and cold/hot beverages. I'm so hungry as I didn't have a proper lunch and I'm gonna gobble all these scrumptious food and sinful desserts ~ SLURP ^0^

See our table full of good food ~ oishii desu ne ^.~ We just left our barang barang on the seats and chiong to attack the food haha ~ hunger defeats all! More foodie plates coming up :P

Pan fried potato strips with sour cream / The thin crust pizza is good / fried stuff such as calamari, crab claws, potato strips wrapped with ebi

The centre plate which is their special sauce ~ slightly spicy but it's a flavorful dipping sauce for our yakitori and other food :P

Oh I just can't live without having eggs in my meals. I always love chawamushi!

Here's our hot pot ~ full of veg, tofu and assorted mushrooms :)

Here's come my love of the day ~ Sushi and Temaki. The hot plate of egg, veg and karage!

Their sushi, temaki and maki are good for my satisfaction of the day ~ but of course I can't compare to those from Japanese sushi bars which are so fresh, delicious and expensive too :)

These are mine ~ Woohooo!

I like these small grilled fishes ~ shisamo (a.k.a. pregnant fish) It has lot of eggs and the bones are soft which you can eat the whole fish.

Fresh seafood which I didn't have much except salmon sashimi. I still miss those seafood at Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro.

Hope you enjoy this post and have a great weekend ^.~


  1. Then hurry up get your air ticket & fly to here soon hehe ^-^

  2. I really enjoyed this post, and some of the yummy dishes were simliar to ones I enjoyed at Kushi! Beautiful feast, thanks for sharing with us!!
    PS where are you located?