Saturday, September 25, 2010

王家沙 & 海皇粥店 in Hong Kong

Besides my previous post on my sumptuous dinner at 東榮火鍋 Tung Wing Hot Pot, I am going to post 2 other dinner venues. HK eateries are just delectable and full of choices. I will definitely put on weight if I am going to try them allMashimaro Emoticons

During my trip, ST and I arranged to meet up with Agnes. We have not seen each other for a long time and the last we met was about 7 years ago! It was such a good time to catch up with Agnes in HK as she has a busy schedule. We agreed to meet at The Elements at Austin Road West, Kowloon and she brought us to Wang Jia Sha 王家沙 for dinner. The restaurant serves Shanghainese dim sum and food dishes. Look what we had ordered ~ The food may look blend to some of you but they were yummy!

蒜泥白肉卷 ~ thinly sliced pork meat rolled with carrot & cucumber. The sauce topping is finely chopped garlic marinated with spicy chilli sauce. The whole roll put in your mouth ~ tenderness (meat), crunchiness (veg) & spicyness (chilli) ~ 赞!好好吃!

Close-up shot of the 蒜泥白肉卷

豆腐马兰头 ~ any one knows what vegetable is that? I really like this simple dish ~ the sesame oil marination makes it so fragrant. I guess there is a secret recipe in the sauce. I can't figure out :(

Too indulged in my first 2 dishes so I forgot the name of this dish. These beans taste like Edamame. There are some pickled vegetables mixed with the beans. So can a little saltiness which blended well with the beans. I like too :P

小籠包 ~ juicy dumplings ^.~

This is like fried udon but in shanghainese version.

The next day we went to Causeway Bay and shopped for almost the whole day. We did not visit the big malls such as times square and lane crawford but went to 東角Laforet and other small shops nearby to get cheaper, unique and trendy stuff. After a tired day, we settled our dinner at 海皇粥店 which is famous for their cantonese congee and rice sheet rolls. There are other HK snacks too.

Century Egg with Fish Slices Congee

Rice Sheet Roll with Twisted Crispy Doughnut ~ my fave!

We also ordered their fried bee hoon.

So much of my HK foody pics, my coming posts will be on my trips to Macau, Stanley Market and HK night views taken @Avenue of Stars. Look out for my updates!Cute Emoticons

Yipee ~ it's weekend and I'm meeting up my friends for a hot pot dinner tonight.
Hope you have a nice and fun weekend, my friends Cute Emoticons

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  1. I'm always a little dizzy after reading/seeing your wonderful parade of foods! The dumplings look soooo good and I'm also longing for some of the edamame-like beans: simple and soulful autumn fare...yum yum.

  2. Bentobird~ oh feeling a lil' dizzy is much better than u DOZE off after seeing my foody pics! haha! Autumn is such a nice weather and looking forward to see many of your mouthwatering autumn bento sets.

    Cheerios :)