Sunday, October 24, 2010

SAKURA Restaurant @ Marina Country Club

It is a hazy week and not advisable to stay outdoor. But I could not do so as I just like to be out during the weekends. Anyway, it was a birthday treat for tiger bro and we decided to go to Marina Country Club for a charcoal grilled and shabu shabu dinner buffet at Sakura Restaurant.

I was thinking that there should be not many people coming for the buffet as the weather was hazy and raining heavily. The restaurant area was huge and almost filled up entirely! Luckily, I had made a reservation in advance.

As it was still early when we arrived at Marina Country Club (MCC), we went to racky the club.

There is a very large boats storage area and many boats/yachts are parked at the pier. It will be fun and exciting to have a boat trip. Tiger Bro has obtained the power boat (driving) licence and hopefully he can bring us out to the sea soon ~ wooohooo!

See ~ a hazy evening out @ MCC

We passed by Great Atlantis Seafood Restaurant. Apparently, their specialty is the Giant Grouper which every parts of it can be cooked deliciously. I love fish so I may come to try it one day.

The buffet is divided into raw, skewer, cooked, sushi, dessert and beverage sections. There are varieties of fish, meat, seafood, vegetables, cooked food, sushi, dessert and dipping sauces ^.~ The marination of the food were handled well and our grilled meats/chicken wings turned out juicy and tasty.

We were so hungry and all the food just tasted yummy. haha! The soup stock was super good and had a rich flavor with all the salted/sichuan veg, corns, eggs, prawns and mushrooms ^-^

Hmm ~ I still missed my steamboat at Tung Wing Hot Pot in Hong Kong which I previously posted in my blog.

Wow ~ the ingredients in our pot made it so colorful ~ Slurp ^.~

Grilled Scallops & Zucchini ~ oishii desu ne! We actually put in some soup stock on it
~ making it more flavorful. The slight charred and browned Zucchini were simply nice and the softness is just right. Seasoned with black pepper and a pinch of salt will be perfectly good!

Haha! Tiger Bro just could not resist his grilled pork slices ^0^
Happy Birthday ~ Stay "young" and lovingly always with Sista Kate!
HUAT ah!

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