Sunday, December 26, 2010


It was kind of a last minute decision to arrange my annual Christmas eve gathering with my dear friends ~ Eve, Geok, JC, Li, Lyn and ST. Unfortunately, Emmy could not make it on that day but I hope she will join us next year. She better make sure she can or ELSE....:( LOL!

I decided to have our dinner at a neighborhood restaurant instead of going to town which could be crowded, long queue and also dinner prices tend to be little more expensive during Christmas.

Well, I did not make the wrong choice of going to Joe's Kitchen Thai Cuisine for our Christmas gathering. When we reached the restaurant, our wine glasses and cutlery were all set neatly on our table. I brought 2 bottles of wine since there was no corkage charge (unless you broke their wine glasses ~ please pay, hehe!) They got my wine chilled and even allowed my log cake placed in their fridge. Such great service in a nice little restaurant ~ Awesome!

With such great company of friends, delicious food and good wine, it definitely made my Christmas a super duper enjoyable one. Wooohooo!

I bought Rosemount Sauvignon Blanc ~ a white wine with a flavor of grassy, passion fruit and tropical fruit. It has an alcohol content of 7% so it's quite light.

I also bought another fruity red apple sparkling wine with 6.5% alcohol content which I forgot about the label name. But it tasted very refreshing and zesty.

Cheers to my dear friends for a great year ahead & bottoms up!

Now let's start off with our appetizer ~ Thai Mango Salad.
It's little sourish and those chili padi make it spicy too.

Stuff Chicken Wing ~ It's crunchy inside as they added water chestnut, corn, carrot, mushroom into the chicken wing.

This is Crispy Seafood Tofu ~ Silky smooth and tasted so good!

Thai Fish Cake ~ flavorful with fresh taste of the fish, herbs and spices.

This black olive rice is very fragrant and much more savory than pineapple rice.
It has served with toppings such as fried egg slices, onions, coriander leaves, ginger, cashew nuts, lemon pulps and chili padi.

Kang Kong in Thai Style ~ crunchy veg

Seafood Tom Yum Soup ~ Oh this was served after our appetizer but I was so fond of this soup and almost forgot to take a photo of it.

See the generous ingredients were almost all swept out, haha! The soup was just so0O appetizing and the color was appealing too. Do you want some too? hehe ^0^

Deep fried Sea Bass with sweet and sour sauce ~ yummy :)

A scrumptious dish ~ Clay Pot Crabs with Vermicelli which is the restaurant's signature dish.
The vermicelli is simmered with the flavor of crab and fatty pork bits ~ Wonderful taste ~ I'm salivating now ^0^

Fried Garlic Prawns ~ fresh and meat not tough.
Thumbs up as the prawns are de-shell ~ haha!

Here's come our Christmas dessert ~ LOGCAKE ^.~
The log cake was put in a lovely red box with a frosty snowman on it ~ so cute.

Ta..Da...~ Belgium Chocolate Log Cake from Lumont Chocolatier
~ Simply delectable ^.~

I shall order it again for my next Christmas party!

I receive a number of Christmas presents from my dear friends and colleagues.
Here's a glimpse of a few lovely presents from Naoko-chan, JC, Geok & Lyn.

Thanks so0O much ~ MAUCK MAUCK!

Just uploaded this pic ~ more prezzies ^-^

It was so nice and thoughtful of Naoko-chan who sent the famous Baumkuchen from Nenrinya to Lyn and me. The Baumkuchen was all the way flown from Japan and reached me on Christmas eve. What a surprise and the Baumkuchen was "Totemo oishii desu ne!"

Nenrinya's Baumkuchen is so popular that the shop is always having long queue ~ Naoko-chan mentioned that it could take almost an hour for waiting. I also remembered that there was a shop at Ginza and people would just queue for long hours to get the delicious Baumkuchen.

May all my dear friends have a blessed Christmas and a fantastic year in 2011.


  1. Merry Christmas Kaimono!! Looks like it was a really nice one for you and your friends :D Baumkuchen! Yummy!!

  2. Thanks for your wishes, Carol ^.~