Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Baking

Lately, I stumbled into some blogs on how to bake purple sweet potato chiffon cake so I decided to arrange with Li to try the recipe. Winks The sweet potatoes that we usually tasted were yellow-flesh in color but these sweet potatoes from Okinawa were purple-flesh in color and tasted sweeter. A little information to share here (which I read online) ~ these potatoes are fat-free, low in calories, high in fiber and antioxidants.Cute EmoticonsYou can use them to make puree for your desserts, snacks or soup.

3 pieces cost $6.60 ~ Hmm, quite ex :( but they were yummy!

To make the puree, we steamed the sweet potatoes till soft and smashed into paste.

Then, add milk to the sweet potato paste and put into the blender.

The puree was done and would put to our cake mixture.

We had successfully baked the chiffon cake Cute Emoticons
The color was beautiful ~ purplish in color with the sweet potato bits ~ Yummy!

The cake texture was soft and moist Cute Emoticons

Couldn't wait to serve a piece of the cake with a cup of piping hot coffee or tea Cute Emoticons

We had leftover kuro-goma (black sesame) spread so we decided to
bake another chiffon cake with it.Cute Emoticons This was fragrant and saved the
trouble of roasting and grinding the sesame seeds.

We got the right color this time
~ slightly darker and could taste the goma flavor Cute Emoticons

We love Hershey's Chocolates so we decided to get this
for baking our Chocolate Yogurt Cupcakes.

Ready to get into the hot oven.

Freshly baked ~ Hmmm, the surface cracked due to the oven was too hot
and we didn't control the temperature well.

Nice strong cocoa flavor of our cupcakes.

"C" = Cupcakes ^0^

Great way to de-stress through BAKING!


  1. I love those purple sweet potatoes! I like the color your chiffon cake turned out, I tried to make a purple sweet potato pudding and it came out...sort of grey. Hehe. Boy, you are baking up a storm! :D Everything looks yummy :) It's too hot to bake here now :(

  2. Don't give up and try again. Haha! I'm getting hook on baking these days but it can be tiring :(
    Oh it's really hot and humid in States. You must be hibernating @ home with air-condition switched on the whole day...haha!