Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another Baking Session o(^V^)o

Another baking fun time with Li. She had specially taught me how to bake pineapple tarts which she usually only bakes them during the Chinese Lunar New Year. In addition, we also decided to bake cookies and muffins again as we felt that we did not get the right textures and colors previously.

Cooking the pineapple paste fillings can be tedious so we bought the ready-made paste from Phoon Huat. However, Li told me that the ready-made paste is usually very sweet and she would buy fresh pineapples, grate and add into the paste to less sweeten it. Anyway, it is still the best to cook your own pineapple paste fillings so that you can control the sweetness and flavor. Hmm, it will take take hours for me to prepare the paste.

Thereafter, we rolled the paste into small balls for the open-faced pineapple tarts and oval shapes for the closed ones.

Li prefers the closed filling pineapples and I like the open-faced ones. Looks nicer (^.^) So I was assigned to mold the tarts base. Well, it was indeed a challenging task as I thought it was easy since I had the mold. But stamping the dough out from the mold was not easy leh! I had to re-do as I did not get the perfect shapes ~ either too thick or too thin; or the edges came out with extra dough or torn as I pressed too hard ~ (T___T)

The closed filling pineapple tarts were much easier to do. Li actually weighed each tart dough to get a consistent shape and right proportion.

Woohoo ~ my 1st time baking pineapple tarts ~ not too bad lah ^0^ except the pineapple fillings were too much ~ haha!

Wow ~ the shapes were quite the same ~ for those were not so, they were actually done by me hehe ^0^!

We must praise ourselves for baking these coffee chocolate chips cookies ~ we managed to get the correct cookies texture ~ crispy and tasted yummy! Of course, the cookies cutter was nice too ~ Hearty shapes ^.~

Another successful bake was the blueberries muffins ~ moist texture-neither soggy nor too dry ^.~ not over burnt on the surface ~ nice golden brown 0^.^0 We are going to use the same recipe and do with other flavors such as banana walnut, carrot, pumpkin, orange and many more.

Surprisingly, we took quite a short time to finish baking all the above recipes and all turned out beautifully good and tasty. Successful baking ~ it completely made my day H-A-P-P-Y ~

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