Sunday, August 15, 2010

BARCELOS Flame Grilled Chicken

Oh I miss the Youth Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on TV last night :( and heard it was spectacular especially the fireworks display. I always enjoy watching it.

Anyway, I was out for a dinner gathering with my long time friends :) LT suggested to Barcelos @ Novena which is newly opened and they have 2 other branches at Vivo City and Holland Village. The dining restaurant @ Novena is quite small and their service is not too bad. Barcelos is always compared to Nando's and Kenny Rogers. Roasters I have no comments yet as I have not tried Nando's which is another popular dining chain for its peri peri chicken. I must try it one day even though I always see long queue outside the restaurant at Bugis Junction.

Their menu which serves chicken in salad, pitta pocket, wrap, pasta, skewers, burger or just chicken meal with choices of your side dishes such as garlic bread, corn, coleslaw, salad, soup, potato wedges, fries and rice.

I ordered 1/4 chicken meal with garlic breads and coleslaw; and I asked for mild peri marinade. My friends ordered supa peri (hot and spicy) marinade but they claimed it was not very spicy. Their spiciness level is extremely high ~ they love chilli padi.

We did not wait long for our chicken meals to arrive ^.~ The garlic roll is crispy and delicious. I guess I can eat a whole loaf haha :P The coleslaw is good too. Their signature flame grilled chicken is moist, juicy and not tough (I chose breast meat instead of thigh). The chicken was not overly grilled and cooked. Unlike some which I tried, the skin was overly grilled and turned charcoal which gave a bitter taste. Overall, I am happy with my meal :)

Here's the chicken thigh which my friend ordered. BLINK BLINK *v*. My preference is either chicken wings or breast meat.

OMG, Naughty neko-chan is out to attack the chicken out!! LOL ^0^

Here's another set meal with corn and coleslaw :P

Like I always say, a meal without dessert is not a complete meal..hehe ^0^ so we went to HANS for hot tea and black forest cake. Great satisfaction! Yummy!

There goes my weekend foodie post and I am looking forward to my baking workshop next weekend. WOOooHooOO ^.~



  1. As always I love following your foodie adventures! The black forest cake looks so decadent. Love how you framed and decorated one of the pics with a happy gourmet cat with knife and fork, such a cute touch! =^ ^=

  2. Neko-chan has appeared in few of my photos but no one seems to notice it. Haha! But you did! Thanks, Bentobird *v* I'm glad you like my blog so far :P