Sunday, August 22, 2010

My 1st attempt in Baking ^0^ (Part I)

WOW! I really had a great time at the baking workshop which I registered with BakinCalf. The experience was fun, challenging (handle the whisking, heat, measurement etc ~ hehe!), a little messy and lots of washing too. I'm burnt out after baking for almost half a day. It can be tiring but when you see the cakes and puffs that made by yourself ~ It's definitely worth it! Of course, if your passion is into baking, i guess you won't complain about the mess, all the cleaning and tiredness :P Now I can understand why my baking instructor has quit her job and do full-time baking.

Ok, let's come back to my baking workshop which I gathered 6 of my colleagues to join me and had some fun (sort of team building ~ haha!) We requested to learn 2 recipes (sorry not revealing the recipes as promised to my baking instructor) ~ Chiffon Cheesecake and Choux Puffs with different pastry creams. It seems easy to bake but NOT really for a first timer like me :( Anyway, I still manage to bake something edible out of it..haha! I took quite a number of photos so this may be a long post :)

Measuring all the ingredients and sifting the flour

Boiling the mixture

Cooling the mixture

Hand whisking the mixture can be tiring : )

Whisking the egg white

This is the right texture ~ foamy and stiff ^.~

After whisking and folding the cream and egg white mixtures, we pour the batter into the chiffon tin which is in paper form.

Woohoo, now it's ready to set in the oven.

We are so anxious to see how the cakes turn out ^.^

Look like toilet rolls haha ^0^
Upside down to cool the cakes

My cake mixture was over whisked and become dense so it didn't turn out well. However, it still had the cream cheese flavour and EDIBLE! haha!

I will update my Part II post on the baking of Choux Puff. Cheers ~


  1. Oh yay! This class looks like it was so much fun :D I love chiffon cheesecake. Baking is a little messy but the results are worth it!

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right! Sure tiring but with great satisfaction and experience ^.~