Sunday, August 22, 2010

My 1st attempt in Baking ^0^ (Part II)

Here's my baking of the Vanilla and Chocolate Choux Puffs with fresh whip cream, chocolate and green tea creams ^.~ My attempt in baking these puffs was rather challenging and had two incidents ~ (1) I failed in making the cream mixture as again, I over beat the mixture :( So I had to re do it. Luckily, with good patience and guidance of my baking instructor, we made it through! Phew! (2) Next we then moved on to make the pastry cream. You know what happen? haha! I actually over boiled the green tea cream mixture and burnt the pot! I did not control the heat properly :( My baking instructor has a sensitive nose and smelt the burning of the mixture immediately while I could only smell the green tea cream mixture ^0^ hehe! Gomenasai, Shinni-san.

The batter mixture is done and ready for piping :P

Piping is fun! This is the eclaire shape ^.^

Here is the rosette shape. Nice ^.~

Aren't they kawaii?

Nice presentation!

Choc Rosette shapes ^.~

Oops! The choc choux puffs were in odd shapes but still edible :P

Whisking the egg white till foamy ~ like shampooing :P

Chocolate Pastry Cream ~ Yummy!

Green Tea Pastry Cream ~ Oishii desuyo!

The eclaires are waiting to have their chocolate glaze :P

See ~ this was the nice and correct way to present the choux puff.
Done by Shinni :P

Odd shape done by one of us ~ haha!

Close-up of the Vanilla Choux Puff with Green Tea Cream :P

Close-up of the Vanilla & Chocolate Choux Puff with
fresh whip cream, chocolate & green tea cream :P


  1. Very cute choux puffs :D I love green tea flavored favorite at Beard Papa! I'm too lazy to make choux puffs myself!

  2. Thanks, Carol:P
    Try to bake some please..i wanna see ^.~