Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mayim Chinese Cuisine @ Northpoint

It was tiring after participating the 3.5km charity run in the SGX Bull Charge yesterday.
Thank God, the weather was breezy ^.~ and of course, the view was awesome!
Here were few shots which I took during my run.

The Marina Bay Floating Platform

Took this view of Marina Bay Sands before I left ^.~


I wake up early and get prepared as I have to attend a macaroons baking workshop in the late afternoon today with my colleagues. We arrange to meet for lunch before heading to the workshop. From Yishun MRT station, we notice 3 Chinese word characters namely 天乐里 at the 2nd level of Northpoint Shopping Centre on the opposite road. We are curious and decided to check it out. It is a restaurant name ~ Mayim 天乐里 and it serves Chinese cuisine. They are many choices in their menu and all the dishes look delicious. So we settle our lunch at Mayim.

These are 2 pots of hot tea which we order ~
Shou Mei with Wolfberries (left) & Pu Er with Chrysanthemum (right)

Nice cutlery and pots used ~ woody themed.

Here's my pot of fragrant tea ~
Shou Mei 寿眉 is a fruity white tea & wolfberries are good for eyes o_0

This is one of their specialties ~ Homemade Szechuan Cabbage.
There are 11 kinds of sauces and spices blended to preserve the cabbage. It has a mix of sour and spicy taste. A great crunchy appetizer to start off with. It just makes me more hungry and I can't wait to have my other dishes to serve immediately. wahaha ^0^

Mayim also serves dim sum so we order some ~
This is Fried Beancurd Rolls with Shrimp Paste.
Love its outer crispyness and the shrimps are fresh.

The noodles absorb the gravy and make it just so tasty
with minced pork and eggplant. Oh it's not greasy too :)

This is my 1st time seeing Xiao Long Bao serve in aluminum cups ~
this prevents the stock in the dumpling dripping off ^.~
The meat filling is well marinated and very flavorful. No porky smell :P

Fried Dumpling ~ delicious and not very oily.

The sauce is slightly sweet but overall, it's still good. The fritters are crispy.
Unlike some fritters which I tried, they are not crispy at all and too much dough.

Chinese cabbage simmered with butter and milk sauce and tops with minced ham. Well, I don't really enjoy this dish as the milky/buttery flavor is just too much. But the cabbage is simmered till very soft.

Yummylicious Fried Shrimp coated with Mayonnaise Sauce ^-^

Steam Cod Fish in light soya sauce with red chilli and pickled veg

Mayim has another outlet at West Mall, Bukit Batok #02-04 and heard it can be crowded at times. Therefore, it is advisable to make reservation in advance.


  1. Heeeey, where are the pics from the macaron class?! Mmm, I loooove e-fu noodles!

  2. Still editing the pics, busy working, feeling unwell, laptop broken down, x'mas shopping....all my excuses ~ hehe :) Soon, it will be posted ^0^ You must be having a good Thanksgiving and enjoying good food ya! Oh I want to see winter snow too ~ We don't get to see it here :(