Saturday, November 27, 2010

My 2nd attempt in baking the Macaroons

It has been a hectic week and I am down with a bad flu too :(
Weekend is here ~
I finally get to have a good rest and also to sort out my baking class photos and uploaded today.

It was a 3-hour class with BakinCalf on baking the Royal Macaroons. There were 6 of us and we split into 2 teams baking the Plain / Green Tea / Sesame / Coffee Choc Macaroons.

Unlike the chiffon cheesecake and choux puffs which I learnt previously, this Macaroon recipe was a little easier to handle, the process of baking the Macaroons was not so complicated, messy; and not much washing too ^.~

It was such a fulfillment to see and taste the sweetness of Macaroons that I made.
Well done ~ Yipee!

Should be stiff and not dripping

These were all the Macaroons that we made ^.~

Here's the lemon curd for the Macaroons filling ~ yummy Zesty flavor ^.~

Boiling water and sugar till it became thick syrup.

Chocolate Ganache Filling for our Macaroons.

Cheers to my Macaroons ~ Woohooo!

Have a FUNTASTIC weekend to all ^0^


  1. KAIMONO!!!! THOSE LOOK SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Oops, sorry for the caps lock but I am so excited that you can make macarons now!!! Hehehe. It looks like it was a great class :) You can go into business now, eh?

  2. THANKS CAROL ^.~ YES, I HAD SO MUCH FUN ~ wahaha!
    As into baking business, you are much better baker than me ^-^ So have you thought of selling your cakes/pastries/cupcakes...or lunch bento online? And remember to provide international delivery too ~ hehe^0^

  3. Wow!!! Amazing and impressive, I'm in awe at the intricate process you've mastered and at all the yumminess in these pics. Congrats on taking on this baking challenge, the macaroons are to die for!

    Happy weekend, my friend...

  4. Thanks, Bentobird :* I always receive sweet and encouraging comments from you. It really makes my day hehe!

    Have a great weekend too, my dear friend:)