Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chocolates Making

One afternoon during lunch hour, I visited Bake King Retail Store @Haig Road. The store is selling all baking products such as baking molds, wares, ingredients, cake decorations and many more. As I had only a short time to spend in the store, I just browsed for the stuff which I was looking to buy. In the end, I grabbed 2 sets of muffin cups, a block of chocolate, heart shaped chocolate mold and Christmas cookie cutters. The muffin cups and cookie cutters are meant for my next baking session with my friend ^.~ As for the chocolate molds, I was going to try out on making chocolates with apricot fillings for the very first time. It seems easy thou' :)

I bought a small block of chocolate which was just enough for making 15 pieces of heart shape chocolates.

The chocolate should melt in a slow heat in a double boiler which consist of a bowl fits in a saucepan. Keep stirring to avoid the melted chocolate become lumpy.

Here is my silicone chocolate mold. When the chocolates are hardened, the mold is soft and rubberize so it is easy to pop out the chocolates.

I had some apricots left so I decided to put into my chocolates.

It was easy to make chocolates. However, it was my first time so you could tell from the photo that it was lousily made (i__i) I realised my mistake that I should not put in the apricot bits first. I should have put in the melted chocolates and freeze till a little harden and then put in the apricot bits. Thereafter, follow again with the melted chocolates to cover it.

Oh there was still some melted chocolate left so my mum decided to put them into a agar agar mold ^0^ but it could only fill 2 molds.

It was indeed fun and easy to make chocolates. You should try it too (^_^)

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