Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 ^__^

My celebration of the Christmas and New Year was just over last December.  Now I am looking forward to welcome the next festive season which is the Chinese New Year (CNY).  As always, I am eager to taste all the CNY goodies that I ordered and received from my friends.  To avoid myself from getting sore throat and ulcers, I have started to drink 凉茶 (herbal tea) and aloe vera drink to cool off the heatiness after consuming so much of the CNY cookies ^.~

Before I started to write this page, I went to read the post on my last year CNY goodies.  Well, it seems like I have bought quite a bit this year.  Now, let's get on to have a look on my delectable goodies.

I receive this multi-layered cake from Boss. Her sister-in-law bakes this cake perfectly well. 

 This is a traditional sweet snacks. It tastes like mochi ~ so soft & chewy. This was made by an ex-colleague's mum and we always get a box during CNY.

This is a packet of BBQ sliced pork (Bak Kwa) from a gift hamper given to our dept.  The bak kwa is in vaccum-packed and instructions given either to place it in a bowl of hot water to warm it up before eating OR microwave the packet (we used this method as it is tastier. Just microwave it for 20mins).  It's fun to microwave the packet of bak kwa as it blows up like a big bubble.  We thought it will explode. But when you remove it from the oven, the packet flattens.  However, I still prefer to buy those freshly BBQ at the stalls rather than the vaccum packed bak kwa.

These tarts are a MUST-HAVE cookies during CNY Smiley.
 They are so many sold in the stalls as well as homemade.  

These are the open-faced pineapple tarts.  The pastry base is buttery and soft which melt in your mouthSmiley
Hey don't get deceived by the unappetizing look of this snack. Let me tell you ~ it's so yummy and I just can't resist to eat more after having 1 piece. This is a great snack to go with bi-ru too.
So I'm gonna keep all for myself ~  hehe!Smiley

Pretty flower patterns cookies.
They taste similar to the Bee Hive cookies that I bought from Home's Favourite last year.

Cornflakes cookies ~ crunchy

Qi Gu Chips ~ This chips are made from Arrow Head plant. The plant is cut into thin slices and fry them.
I still prefer my potato chips...hehe :P But mum and my aunty like it.

Prawn Crackers ~ such a big tub which my friend bought it for me. Thanks E-san!

Biscotti ~ I like to have this together with my cup of coffee.  Thanks Li-san for giving me this biscuits.

These are like mini spring rolls ~ it's wrapped with spicy dried shrimp fillings.  Another type of fillings is pork floss which is non-spicy.

Walnut Sesame Cookies ~ fragrant!

Kueh Bangkit ~ this is my all-time favourite cookies that melt in my mouth.

Such cute shapes and patterns.

Tomorrow is CNY eve and we will be having our reunion dinner at home ~ Big feast again ^0^ 
I will be offline for a few days to enjoy this celebration and promise to be back soon with more foodie posts.

Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. 恭禧發財!!!! Wow, what a spread for CNY--so many delicious snacks! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family :D

  2. Thanks Carol