Sunday, January 8, 2012

nEw yEaR eVe's hOpPiNg fEaSt (2)

This update will continue from my previous post.

After blasting our voices at the K-room, we proceeded to Jumbo Seafood at The Riverside Point for dinner.

Drunken prawns ~ fresh crunchy prawns and the soup is very tasty.

Man Tou (Deep Fried Buns) to dip with the gravy ~ 

Scallops wrapped in yam rings

Spinach Tofu with Mushrooms

Crispy Fried Baby Squids

 Spicy Mee Goreng

This is the best way to taste if the crabs are fresh. You can taste the sweetness of the chunky crab meat.

Crabie is posing for me....hehe (o^^o)

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