Monday, August 30, 2010

SweetSpot @ Marina Bay Sands (MBS) II

This will be a short post of my re-visit to SweetSpot @ Marina Bay Sands. I have a sweet tooth so how can I miss those macaroons and cakes from SweetSpot, right ~ Cute Emoticons In my previous post on Sweetspot, I mentioned that I did not get to taste the Rum & Raisin Cheesecake as they left only the whole cake for sale. I'm glad that I managed to taste it this time Love Emoticons

Mooncake Festival is coming soon and here's what SweetSpot offers. I tasted the samples. Not too bad but I still love my Snowskin Durian and Jackfruit Mooncakes; and Flaky Yam Mooncakes.

Lacking of Zzz and needs a cup of coffee to wake me up -_- I've also ordered a apple bun, a big piece of white chocolate and macadamia nuts soft cookie, rum & raisin cheesecake and not forgetting my macaroons ^.~

Ordered a box of 6 macaroons ~ apparently the price gone up to S$2.50 per piece : (

Yum Yum!

A dome-shaped rum & raisin cheesecake.
The outer layer is coated with white chocolate and nuts.

Injecting the Rum into the cheesecake ~ hehe!

Inside the cake ~ moussey and looks messy ^0^


  1. Oh how neat, injecting the rum! So how did it taste, delicious? Everything looks yummy....nice tea time ;)

  2. It's moussey inside. ok but I still prefer the original cheesecake ^.~

  3. Beautiful! I Love Macaroons would be a great web site name!!

  4. Thanks for your nice comments, Bentobird :)

  5. Heyy :-) do they sell the macaroons in standard amount or u can choose the nunber of macaroons u want? Oh the price is $2.50 each right? Thanks^^